Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Application of Luminescence Dating to the Study of Archaic Age Anthropogenic Mounds from the Lower Mississippi River Valley (2008) Adviser(s): James K. Feathers Archaeology, North American
Tauhi Vā: Creating Beauty through the Art of Sociospatial Relations (2008) Adviser(s): Miriam Kahn Culture, Oceanic, Sociocultural Anthropology, Space/Place
Food-Sharing Networks in Lamalera, Indonesia: Tests of Adaptive Hypotheses (2008) Adviser(s): Eric A. Smith Biological Anthropology, Food, Southeast Asian
Driftwood as a Resource: Modeling Fuelwood Acquisition Strategies in the Mid- to Late Holocene Gulf of Alaska (2008) Adviser(s): Ben Fitzhugh, Julie K. Stein Archaeology, Pacific Northwest
Re-envisioning Indigenous Territoriality: Nature, Place and Space in the Kayapó homeland (2008) Adviser(s): Stevan Harrell Indigenous, Sociocultural Anthropology, South American, Space/Place
Privatizing the Right to Fish: Challenges to Livelihood and Community in Kodiak, Alaska (2008) Adviser(s): Eric A. Smith Government, Pacific Northwest, Work and Occupations
An Epidemiological and Evolutionary Investigation of Mother-Offspring Vitamin A Transfer (2008) Adviser(s): Bettina Shell Duncan Biological Anthropology, Evolution, Human Reproductive Ecology
Social Seascapes, Political Landscapes: Conflict and Cooperation within an Indonesian Marine Park (2008) Adviser(s): Celia Lowe Conflict, Ecology, Southeast Asian
Extended Parental Investment among Martu Aborigines (2008) Adviser(s): Eric A. Smith Behavioral Ecology, Biological Anthropology, Human Reproductive Ecology, Oceanic
A Microregional Approach to Social Dynamics in the Late Prehistoric Manatuto, East Timor, 11th - 18th Century (2008) Adviser(s): Peter V. Lape Archaeology, History, Southeast Asian
Buddhist Pilgrimage and Religious Resurgence in Contemporary Vietnam (2008) Adviser(s): Charles F. Keyes Religion, Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian
The Effect of Urbanization on Parental Investment Decisions among Indo-Fijians (2007) Adviser(s): Donna L. Leonetti Biological Anthropology, Diaspora Studies, Migration, Oceanic, South American, Urban Studies
Modeling Hunter-Gatherer Ceramic Production and Use: A Test Case from the Upper Texas Coastal Plain (2007) Adviser(s): Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology, Material Culture, North American
South Korean Feminist Activism: Gender, Middle-classness, and Public/Private Discourse in 1990s Civil Society (2007) Adviser(s): Clark Sorensen Class, East Asian, Feminism and Feminist Theory, History, Sociocultural Anthropology
Grasping Adubad: Badulgal Knowledge, Management, Tenure and Harvest within the Marine Environment of the Torres Strait (2007) Adviser(s): Eric A. Smith Environment, Oceanic
Magic, Morality and Medicine: Madness and Medical Pluralism in Java (2007) Adviser(s): Lorna A. Rhodes Medical Anthropology, Medicine, Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian
“One Significant Ghost”: Agent Orange Narratives of Trauma, Survival, and Responsibility (2007) Adviser(s): Charles F. Keyes Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian, Violence and Trauma, War and Terror
Docile Devils: Ideological Contradictions and Identity Struggles in Afro-Peruvian Dance (2007) Adviser(s): Shannon K. Dudley African, Art, Identity, Sociocultural Anthropology, South American, Visual Culture
Pesticides and Cortisol Increase among Mexican Immigrant Farmworkers: A Bio-Cultural Model (2007) Adviser(s): Kathleen O'Connor Biological Anthropology, Disease, Migration, North American, Public Health, Work and Occupations
The Hmong Girls of Sa Pa: Local Places, Global Trajectories, Hybrid Identities (2006) Adviser(s): Charles F. Keyes Identity, Publics/Public Spheres, Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian
Women Don't Talk: Gender and Codemixing in an Evangelical Tzotzil Village (2006) Adviser(s): Eugene S. Hunn Linguistics, Sociocultural Anthropology
Parent-Offspring Conflict Among the Karo of North Sumatra (2006) Adviser(s): Eric A. Smith Biological Anthropology, Children, Conflict, Southeast Asian
The Lost Lily: State, Sociocultural Change and the Decline of Hunting Culture in Kochapogan, Taiwan (2006) Adviser(s): Stevan Harrell Culture, East Asian, Social Change, Sociocultural Anthropology
The Psychiatric Politics of Risk and Cost: Forensic Theory and Practice in the US and Taiwan (2006) Adviser(s): Lorna A. Rhodes, Stevan Harrell East Asian, Sociocultural Anthropology

In progress

Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Innovation Bubbles: Digitizing, Diversifying, and Financializing Global Higher Education in China (2022) Rachel Naomi Lee
Adviser(s): Ann S. Anagnost, Stevan Harrell, Sareeta Amrute
Architecture, Cultural Anthropology, East Asian, Economics, Education, Ethnography, Institutions, Science and Technology, Urban Studies