Short Title People Involved Related Fields
White Face, Black Space. (2015) Adviser(s): Laada Bilaniuk African American, Education, Ethnography, Identity, Institutions, Race and Ethnicity
Insularity and adaptation: investigating the role of exchange and inter-island interaction in the Banda Islands, Indonesia (2015) Adviser(s): Peter V. Lape Archaeology, Ceramic Analysis, Population, Southeast Asian
Long-term chronology of subsistence and the role of intensive agriculture in the central part of the Korean peninsula (2015) Adviser(s): Ben Marwick Archaeology, East Asian
Restoring Coast Salish Foods and Landscapes: A More-than-Human Politics of Place, History and Becoming (2015) Adviser(s): Stevan Harrell Environment, Food, Indigenous, Pacific Northwest
On Art and Medicine: An exploration of evidence, logics and care practices (2015) Adviser(s): Janelle S. Taylor Art, Health, Medicine, Sociocultural Anthropology
Hateful and Heartwarming Bonds: The Senses as Strategy in the South Korean Family (2015) Adviser(s): Ann S. Anagnost East Asian, Sociocultural Anthropology, Women
Choosing Methadone: Managing Addiction and the Body Politic in Ukraine (2015) Adviser(s): Laada Bilaniuk East European, Health, Sociocultural Anthropology
Co-constructing Racial Identities at Seattle's Northwest African American Museum (2015) Adviser(s): Miriam Kahn African American, Identity, Museum Studies/Museology, Sociocultural Anthropology
Akrotiri Aetokremnos and the Cypriot Pygmy Hippopotamus: An Interdisciplinary Look at a Late Pleistocene Large Mammal Extinction (2015) Adviser(s): Ben Fitzhugh, Ben Marwick Archaeology, Zooarchaeology
Community-Based Herbalism and relational approaches to harm reduction in healthcare (2014) Adviser(s): Rachel R. Chapman Environment, Health, Sociocultural Anthropology
Black Sea Change: A Revision of the Sinop Ceramic Chronology Using Luminescence Dating (2014) Adviser(s): James K. Feathers Archaeology, Dating, Near Eastern Studies
Limited Relief: Cause Lawyering on Behalf of Unaccompanied Chinese Youth (2014) Adviser(s): Stevan Harrell Children, Human Rights, Migration, Sociocultural Anthropology
Sobreviví Como Flor De La Sierra: Women, Violence, and Resistance in Peru (2014) Adviser(s): Rachel R. Chapman, Devon G. Peña Sociocultural Anthropology, South American, Violence and Trauma
The Ecology of Human Diets during the Holocene at North Creek Shelter, Utah (2014) Adviser(s): Donald K. Grayson Archaeology, Ecology, North American
Of Pots and People: Investigating Hunter-Gatherer Pottery Production and Social Networks in the Kuril Islands (2014) Adviser(s): Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology, Ceramic Analysis, Material Culture
Cracking the Code: Navigating and Subverting Dominant Class Rule in Computer Science and Engineering (2013) Adviser(s): Rachel R. Chapman Feminism and Feminist Theory, Science and Technology, Sociocultural Anthropology, Women, Work and Occupations
Population Structure and Large-scale Cooperation in Pohang, South Korea (2013) Adviser(s): Darryl Holman Biological Anthropology, East Asian, Population
Collective action, reputation, and social support networks in the Andes of southern Peru (2013) Adviser(s): Donna L. Leonetti, Eric A. Smith Biological Anthropology, South American
Walls of Indifference: Arizona and the Ecology of Militarization (2013) Adviser(s): Lorna A. Rhodes Ecology, North American, Sociocultural Anthropology
Neo-Colonial Epidemiology: Public health practice and the right to health in Guatemala (2013) Adviser(s): Janelle S. Taylor Government, Health Disparities, Human Rights, Public Health, Sociocultural Anthropology
A Mass Conspiracy To Feed People: Globalizing Cities, World-Class Waste, and the Biopolitics of Food Not Bombs (2013) Adviser(s): Daniel J. Hoffman Food, Sociocultural Anthropology, Urban Studies
Foraging Variability in the Prehistoric Caribbean: A Paired Site Comparison from Carriacou, Grenada (2013) Adviser(s): Donald K. Grayson Archaeology, History, North American
Reconstructing the Rural: Peasant Organizations in a Chinese Movement for Alternative Development (2013) Adviser(s): Ann S. Anagnost East Asian, Sociocultural Anthropology
Forked Tongues at Sequalitchew: A Critical Indigenist Anthropology of Place in Nisqually Territory (2013) Adviser(s): Devon G. Peña Indigenous, Pacific Northwest, Sociocultural Anthropology
Documenting and Contextualizing Pjiekakjoo (Tlahui ca) Knowledges through a Collaborative Research Project (2012) Adviser(s): Eugene S. Hunn, Devon G. Peña Ecology, Environment, Indigenous