Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Creating and Transcending Territorial Boundaries in Late Holocene Pacific Coast Communities (2012) Adviser(s): Julie K. Stein Archaeology, Pacific Northwest
Testosterone, energetics, and male life-history (2012) Adviser(s): Kathleen O'Connor, Eric A. Smith Biological Anthropology, Health
Stratified Bodies and Geopolitics of Desire: Gender, Class and Race in the Transnational Marriage Market in Taiwan (2012) Adviser(s): Ann S. Anagnost, Stevan Harrell Class, East Asian, Race and Ethnicity, Sociocultural Anthropology
War Games at Work: Networks of Power and Production in the U.S. Army Video Game Project (2012) Adviser(s): Miriam Kahn Education, Science and Technology, Sociocultural Anthropology, War and Terror
Networked Glass: Lithic Raw Material Consumption and Social Networks in the Kuril Islands, Far Eastern Russian (2011) Adviser(s): Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology, Lithic Analysis
A State of Imbalance: Corporal Politics and Moral Order in Contemporary China (2011) Adviser(s): Ann S. Anagnost East Asian, Sociocultural Anthropology
We love 'Mr. King': Exceptional Sovereignty, Submissive Subjectivity, and Mediated Agency in Islamic Southern Thailand (2011) Adviser(s): Celia Lowe Islamic Studies, Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian
From Tundra to Forest: Ceramic Distribution and Social Complexity in Northwest Alaska (2011) Adviser(s): Ben Fitzhugh American Indian/Native American, Archaeology
Rosy Aspirations: Work, Environment, & Global Commerce in Naivasha, Kenya (2011) Adviser(s): Daniel J. Hoffman African, Agriculture, Environment
Foreign Domestic: Filipina Helpers in Hong Kong at the Crossroads of Domesticity and Diaspora (2011) Adviser(s): Charles F. Keyes Diaspora Studies, Sociocultural Anthropology
The Reemergence of Spirit Mediums: Then Practice among the Tay in Contemporary Vietnam (2011) Adviser(s): Charles F. Keyes Religion, Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian
Youth Publics and Embodied Politics: Genealogies of Development Aspiration in North Indian Hill Towns (2011) Sociocultural Anthropology, South Asian
Doing it for Him: Religion and Tourism on Long Son Island, Ba Ria Vung Tau province, Vietnam (2011) Adviser(s): Miriam Kahn Religion, Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian
Salmon Habitat Restoration, Farmland Preservation, and Environmental Drama in the Skagit River Valley (2011) Adviser(s): Eugene S. Hunn Agriculture, Environment, Indigenous, Pacific Northwest
Rethinking Agency in the Margins: The Political Economy of Food in Latino Immigrant Households. (2010) Adviser(s): Rachel R. Chapman, Devon G. Peña Food, Immigration, North American, Political Economy, Sociocultural Anthropology
Demystifying the Mosuo: The behavioral ecology of kinship and reproduction in China's "last matriarchal" society (2010) Adviser(s): Eric A. Smith Behavioral Ecology, Biological Anthropology, East Asian
Cultural Identity, Stress and Coping in Passamaquoddy Children and Adolescents (2010) Adviser(s): Donna L. Leonetti American Indian/Native American, Biological Anthropology, Children, Identity
Infant Gross Motor Variability Within An Ecological Niche: A Study of Infant Development and Caregiving in Rural Papua New Guinea (2010) Adviser(s): Bettina Shell Duncan Biological Anthropology, Children
An Evolutionary Investigation of Wedge Tool Form, Function, and Technology (2010) Archaeology, Evolution
Scenes from Yongning: Media Creation in China's Na Villages (2010) Adviser(s): Stevan Harrell East Asian, Sociocultural Anthropology
We are the same but different: Navigating African American and Deaf Cultural Identities (2010) Adviser(s): Laada Bilaniuk African American, Disability, Identity, Sociocultural Anthropology
Differing Interpretations of Sustainability and Natural Resource Management in Three Adjacent Communities in the Oregon Cascades (2010) Adviser(s): Stevan Harrell Environment, Pacific Northwest
Longitudinal development of spinal osteoarthritis in Macaca mulatta (2010) Adviser(s): Patricia A. Kramer Biological Anthropology, Medicine
The Politics of Representing Nature, Culture, and Conservation in Northwestern Bolivia (2010) Adviser(s): Stevan Harrell Culture, Environment, South American
Nursing in a Time of AIDS: Identity Formation in the Borderlands (2010) Identity, Medical Anthropology, Public Health, Sociocultural Anthropology