Medical Anthropology & Global Health (BA)

Exploring Health in Diverse Contexts

The Bachelor of Arts in Medical Anthropology & Global Health (MAGH) provides a comprehensive exploration into the multifaceted dimensions of health, cultural diversity, and global contexts. This program, part of the Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, offers a unique pathway for students intrigued by the intersection of health sciences, cultural diversity, and global perspectives.

Navigating Health and Anthropology

MAGH stands as one of five options within the Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, inviting students into an intriguing journey encompassing medical anthropology and global health studies. Whether aspiring for a comprehensive overview of anthropology or aiming for specialized scientific insights, the MAGH option caters to diverse academic interests within anthropology.

Choosing Between BA and BS

The choice between a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Anthropology hinges on the preferred focus area. The BA provides a broader overview of anthropology's humanistic facets, while the BS delves deeper into specific scientific dimensions within anthropology. Both pathways offer versatile opportunities for graduate and professional school training, catering to various fields such as health sciences, law, social justice advocacy, and anthropology.

Pathways and Career Trajectories

MAGH graduates are well-prepared to pursue postgraduate training and careers in diverse health-related domains like public health, epidemiology, nursing, medicine, and global health. The interdisciplinary framework offered by anthropology serves as an ideal foundation for careers in health-related fields, acknowledged for its comprehensive preparation.

Diverse Academic Perspectives

Reports from Newsweek Magazine highlight the increasing success rates of social science majors in medical school admissions over the past two decades. Humanities students perform admirably on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), emphasizing the holistic skill set and diverse perspectives essential in the evolving field of medicine.

Anthropology and Global Health

Anthropological training is recognized as an exceptional preparation for global health careers. Nature Magazine's special report on Global Health underscores the demand for skills beyond medical support, valuing management, cultural understanding, and an anthropological viewpoint in global health initiatives.

Embark on an academic journey that traverses the intricate intersections of health, culture, and global perspectives, shaping a foundation for a future at the nexus of diverse fields in health and anthropology.

BA in Medical Anthropology & Global Health (MAGH) option requirements

MAGH students are asked to take the following courses to complete their 55 anthropology credits:

Core Coursework (Required):

  • Complete core anthropology courses: BIO A 201, any 5-credit 200-level ANTH course, and any 5-credit 200-level ARCHY course.
  • Complete one statistics course chosen from CS&SS/SOC/STAT 221, STAT 220, STAT 311, Q SCI 381, or ARCHY 495.

Specific Courses Required (Choose One):

Approved courses for MAGH (Totaling 15 Credits from the Following List):