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photo of dictionary page showing definition of 'partnership'
Section drawings of excavated sections at Badahlin Cave (A) and Gu Myaung Cave
Artefact densities for squares B4–B6 and C4–C6


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Labors of Love (2021) Radhika Govindrajan Animal Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Political Economy, Popular Culture, Postcolonial, South Asian
Flow of edits by location on Wikipedia for articles about Cultural Sites on the UNESCO WHL. World Heritage sites on Wikipedia: Cultural heritage activism in a context of constrained agency (2021) Ben Marwick Archaeology, Computational Methods
Madjedbebe rock shelter and surrounds Holocene grinding stones at Madjedbebe reveal the processing of starchy plant taxa and animal tissue (2021) Ben Marwick Archaeology, Environment, Indigenous Archaeology, Material Culture, Oceanic
Traditional and biomedical neonatal care Bolivian Amazon (2021) Melanie Martin Behavioral Ecology, Biological Anthropology, Children, Global Health, Human Reproductive Ecology, Public Health
Maternal and Child Health Benefits of the Mamata Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Odisha, India.  (2021) Anwesha Pan Economics, Health, Public Health, South Asian, Statistics
Beyond face value: Evidence for the universality of bodily expressions of emotion (2020) Alexander K. Hill Biological Anthropology, Evolution
Indigenous Women and Climate Change, Lima, IWGIA, 2020 (2020) Paula Saravia Climate Change, Indigenous
Linguistic conversions (2020) Laada Bilaniuk Cultural Anthropology, Identity, Language, Narrative Analysis, Nationalism
The Ira Ara Site: A fortified settlement and burial complex in Timor Leste (2020) Peter V. Lape Archaeology, Southeast Asian
First page of the paper Over research and ethics dumping in international archaeology. (2020) Ben Marwick Archaeology, Southeast Asian
Mosaic of screenshots of #openirony publications, from the ‘Open access , from the ‘Open access irony awards’ flickr group ( , accessed July 13, 2020). Flickr is an online service for sharing photos. Open access to publications to expand participation in archaeology (2020) Ben Marwick Archaeology
Kiwulan in northeastern Taiwan Trade ornaments as indicators of social changes in NE Taiwan (2020) Li-Ying Wang, Ben Marwick Culture, East Asian, Indigenous, Material Culture, Quantitative Methods, Southeast Asian
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Measuring fidelity, feasibility, costs: an implementation evaluation of a cluster-controlled trial of group antenatal care in rural Nepal. (2020) David Citrin Global Health, South Asian
Estimated cost for risk-based management of cardiovascular diseases in primary healthcare in Nepal using the Total Risk Approach. (2020) David Citrin Global Health, South Asian
New data and synthesis of ΔR estimates from the northern Pacific Ocean. (2020) Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology, Dating, Oceanic
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Tattling with Chinese Characteristics (2020) Jing Xu Children, Culture, East Asian, Education, Ethnography, History, Sociocultural Anthropology
A critical comparative ethnographic study of courtesy stigma in two leprosy-impacted communities in Indonesia (2020) Dimas Iqbal Romadhon Ethnography, Medical Anthropology, Narrative Analysis, Public Health, Qualitative Methods, Southeast Asian
Map The first Australian plant foods at Madjedbebe (2020) Ben Marwick Archaeology, Behavioral Ecology, Ecology, Environment, Evolution, Food, Geoarchaeology, Oceanic
Graph from publicaiton Tool-Driven Revolutions in Archaeological Science (2020) Ben Marwick Archaeology, Computational Methods, Quantitative Methods, Science and Technology, Statistics
Estimating the in vivo location of the talus from external surface landmarks. (2020) Steven G. Lautzenheiser, Patricia A. Kramer Biological Anthropology, Quantitative Methods