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Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Purism and pluralism (2017) Laada Bilaniuk East European, Identity, Language, Linguistics, Popular Culture, Socialism and Post-Socialism
Under Conviction: 'Real Men' Reborn on Spiritual and Cinematic Battlefields (2017) Jessica A. Johnson Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Film/Cinema, Identity, North American, Religion, Sexuality, Visual Culture, War and Terror
Size and dominance (2017) Alex Hill Behavioral Ecology, Biocultural Anthropology, Biology, Evolution, Human Reproductive Ecology, Nonhuman Primates, Sexuality, Violence and Trauma
Herpes B Sequence Variation in Captive Macaques: Did Human Agency Contribute to the Emergence of a Highly Pathogenic Herpes B virus in the Biomedical Laboratory? (2017) Lisa Jones-Engel Animal Studies, Biocultural Anthropology, Disease, Field Research Methods, Nonhuman Primates, Public Health, South Asian, Southeast Asian
 Treponemal infections in Macaques: Why treating animals may be important for fighting tropical diseases (2017) Amy Klegarth, Lisa Jones-Engel Animal Studies, Biocultural Anthropology, Global Health, Nonhuman Primates, Public Health, Research Methods, Southeast Asian
'Maybe They Don't Even Know That I Exist': Challenges Faced by Family Members, Friends, and Others Close to Patients with Advanced Kidney Disease. (2017) Cultural Anthropology, Disease, Medical Anthropology, Medicine, Qualitative Methods
Engaging with Dementia: Experiments in Art and Friendship (2017) Aging, Cultural Anthropology, Health
Insuring Care: Paperwork, Insurance Rules, and Clinical Labor at a US Transgender Clinic.  (2017) Marieke van Eijk Institutions, Medical Anthropology, North American, Queer Studies
Engaging with Dementia: Moral Experiments in Art and Friendship (2017) Janelle S. Taylor Aging, Art, Disability, Ethnography, Medical Anthropology, Popular Culture, Sociocultural Anthropology
Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot? (2017) Janelle S. Taylor Aging, Disability, Ethnography, Medical Anthropology, Qualitative Methods, Sociocultural Anthropology
Review of Haunting Images (2017) Jenna Grant Disability, Reproduction, Southeast Asian
Understanding Primate Herpesviruses (2017) Lisa Jones-Engel Animal Studies, Biocultural Anthropology, Disease, Nonhuman Primates, Public Health, South Asian, Southeast Asian
Vocal attractiveness (2017) Alex Hill Biology, Evolution, Sexuality
Are there vocal cues to human developmental stability? Relationships between facial fluctuating asymmetry and voice attractiveness (2017) Alex Hill African, Biocultural Anthropology, Biology, Evolution, Health, Sexuality
Gorillas in our midst? Human sexual dimorphism and contest competition in men (2017) Alex Hill Behavioral Ecology, Biocultural Anthropology, Biology, Evolution
Encoding Race, Ecoding Class: Indian IT Workers in Berlin (2016) Sareeta Amrute Sociocultural Anthropology
Go the Fuck to Sleep: Well-Being, Welfare, and the Ends of Capitalism in US Discourses on Infant Sleep (2016) Sareeta Amrute Sociocultural Anthropology
Males Under-Estimate Academic Performance of Their Female Peers in Undergraduate Biology Classrooms (2016) Biocultural Anthropology
Megachurches, Celebrity Pastors, and the Evangelical Industrial Complex (2016) Jessica A. Johnson North American, Political Economy, Popular Culture, Religion, Sociocultural Anthropology
Resilience and the population history of the Kuril Islands, Northwest Pacific (2016) Ben Fitzhugh, William Brown Archaeology, Climate Change, Demography, East Asian, Environment, Geoarchaeology, Human Ecology, Oceanic
Origins and Development of Arctic Maritime Adaptations in the Western Subarctic. (2016) Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology, Environment, Geography, Migration
Book review “Loneliness and its Opposite,” by Don Kulick and Jens Rydström.  (2016) Marieke van Eijk Disability, Medical Anthropology
Ideologies of Language in Wartime (2016) Laada Bilaniuk Language, Nationalism, Socialism and Post-Socialism, Sociocultural Anthropology
Race, media, and postcoloniality: Ukraine between nationalism and cosmopolitanism (2016) Laada Bilaniuk Identity, Nationalism, Popular Culture, Postcolonial, Race and Ethnicity, Socialism and Post-Socialism, Sociocultural Anthropology
Mixed-Methods Assessment of Trauma and Acute Care Surgical Quality Improvement Programs in Peru.  (2016) Leah Isquith-Dicker Global Health, Health, Medical Anthropology, Medicine, Public Health