Archaeology Labs

The archaeology program has a large variety of lab and field equipment available to graduate and undergraduate students to use for personal research projects. With the program’s strong training on analytical methods, these resources are an integral part of student research and learning. Students have used these resources for lithic analysis (chemical characterization and use wear), faunal analysis (isotopic studies and identification of taxa); ceramics (matrix composition and sourcing), geoarchaeology (sediment and soil analyses to determine depositional regimes), and to collect and analyze spatial data, to name just a few applications.

Much of this equipment has been obtained through the University of Washington’s Student Technology Fee (STF) program. As of 2009, we have been granted over $769,000 to purchase laboratory and field data collection equipment, making this program essential for students pursuing research using the most advanced technology available.

The archaeology equipment and facilities are managed by the Archaeology GSA. Please contact the GSA with questions and requests at or 206-685-6650 or view the Archy GSA website (requires UW NetID). To see the calendar of scheduled lab time click here