Indigenous Archaeology (BA)

Preserving Cultural Heritage

The Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Archaeology offers a profound exploration into the preservation and understanding of indigenous perspectives on cultural heritage. Amidst the Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, this option stands as a pathway for those intrigued by the intricate tapestry of indigenous archaeological perspectives.

Embracing Indigenous Narratives

Indigenous Archaeology forms one of the five options available within the Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, providing a nuanced lens into the evaluation and safeguarding of cultural heritage sites from indigenous standpoints. This option delves deep into historical contexts, enabling a comprehensive grasp of contemporary issues in indigenous archaeology while nurturing specialized analytical, laboratory, and field skills.

Empowering for Varied Career Trajectories

Completion of this option equips individuals to venture into diverse career paths, including cultural resource management in tribal, federal, state, and local government sectors, alongside private consulting firms. Graduates are also well-positioned for pursuing advanced studies in archaeology, fostering a comprehensive academic foundation.

Recognition and Transcripted Expertise

The Indigenous Archaeology option is transcripted, underscoring students' academic prowess and expertise on their official academic records. This recognition serves as a valuable asset for both graduate program applications and employment opportunities in the field.

Inclusive Pathway for All Anthropology Majors

This non-competitive option warmly welcomes all Anthropology majors, fostering an inclusive environment for an in-depth exploration of indigenous perspectives within archaeology.

Field Experience and Curriculum Guidance

Strongly advocating for field experience, particularly through UW-faculty led archaeology field schools like ARCHY 270, this option underscores the practical application of theoretical knowledge. Participation in non-UW research projects or Cultural Resource Management (CRM) projects also contributes towards 'approved courses' credits. Collaboration with archaeology faculty before engaging in field experiences ensures alignment with the Indigenous Archaeology option's objectives. The curriculum forecast serves as an invaluable guide for scheduling courses to meet option requirements.

Engage in an enriching academic journey that honors indigenous perspectives on cultural heritage, equipping you for a future in safeguarding and comprehending the significance of cultural legacies within the realm of archaeology.

BA in Indigenous Archaeology (IA) option requirements

IA students are asked to take the following courses to complete their 55 anthropology credits:

Core Coursework (Required):

  • Complete core anthropology courses: BIO A 201, any 5-credit 200-level ANTH course, and any 5-credit 200-level ARCHY course.
  • Complete one statistics course chosen from CS&SS/SOC/STAT 221, STAT 220, STAT 311, Q SCI 381, or ARCHY 495.

Specific Courses Required

Approved Courses for IA (Totaling 15 Credits from the Following Lists)

Archaeological Sciences:
Anthropology and American Indian Studies: