Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Quantifying uncertainty in demographic temporal frequency analysis (dTFA) (2019) William Brown
Adviser(s): Ben Fitzhugh
Archaeology, Computational Methods, Data Visualization, Demography
Case Studies in Geoarchaeometry (2018) Jack Johnson
Adviser(s): James K. Feathers
Archaeology, Computational Methods, Data Visualization, Dating
Community Health Workers: Lives, Labor, and Hopes for an AIDS-Free Generation in Maputo, Mozambique (2018) Celso Inguane
Adviser(s): James T. Pfeiffer
Global Health, Health, Health Disparities, HIV, Medical Anthropology, Public Health
The Art of Life in Chinese Central Asia: Uyghur Dispossession, Culture Work and Terror Capitalism in the Global City (2018) Darren Byler
Adviser(s): Sasha Welland
Art, Government, Human Rights, Identity, Politics of Representation, Violence and Trauma, Visual Anthropology
I'm Black and I'm Strong: The Health Effects of Resilience in the face of Discrimination among Black Men in Metropolitan Seattle (2018) Julius Doyle
Adviser(s): Steven M. Goodreau
Biological Anthropology, Health, Health Disparities
The pes planus foot type and its evolutionary significance: the use of radiographic measurements of the talus and calcaneus in the interpretation of hominin pedal remains (2018) Adviser(s): Patricia A. Kramer Biological Anthropology, Biology
The Health Implications of Periodic Dietary Restrictions on Animal Products among Orthodox Christians in the United States (2018) Hilary Bethancourt
Adviser(s): Kathleen O'Connor
Food, Health, Public Health, Religion
Certifying India: Everyday Aspiration and Basic Computer Training in Hyderabad (2018) Kathryn Zyskowski
Adviser(s): Sareeta Amrute
Cultural Anthropology, Education, Ethnography, Science and Technology, South Asian, Women
Negotiating the Confucian Religion in Indonesia: Invention, Resilience and Revival (1900-2010) (2018) Evi Sutrisno
Adviser(s): Celia Lowe
History, Politics of Representation, Religion, Southeast Asian
The traditional Hammam Bathhouse from Morocco to France : the body, purity, and perception (2018) Adviser(s): Laada Bilaniuk Ethnography, Postcolonial, Research Methods
Signature injury : an ethnographic study of mild traumatic brain injury in the post-9/11 VA health care system (2018) Anna Zogas
Adviser(s): Lorna A. Rhodes
Disability, Ethnography, Medical Anthropology, Public Health, War and Terror
Wounded Land and Wounded Peoples : Attitudes of Paiwan People and Tao People toward Nuclear Waste. (2017) Adviser(s): Stevan Harrell Environment, Indigenous, Social Justice
Towards an Indigenous Museology: Native American and First Nation Representation and Voice in North American Museums. (2017) Adviser(s): Miriam Kahn, James D. Nason American Indian/Native American, Art, Material Culture, Museum Studies/Museology
The Impact of Global English in Xinjiang, China: Linguistic Capital and Identity Negotiation among the Ethnic Minority and Han Students (2016) Adviser(s): Ann S. Anagnost, Laada Bilaniuk East Asian, Identity, Linguistics, Sociocultural Anthropology
Cultivating subjectivities: the class politics of convivial labor in the interstitial spaces of neoliberal neglect (2016) Adviser(s): Devon G. Peña Culture, Health, Identity, Social Justice, Sociocultural Anthropology
A biocultural examination of student learning behaviors in large undergraduate lectures (2016) Adviser(s): Dan T. A. Eisenberg, Steven M. Goodreau Biological Anthropology, Biology, Education, Evolution, Identity
Creating an empire: local political change at Angamuco, Michoacan, Mexico (2016) Adviser(s): Peter V. Lape Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Publics/Public Spheres
Understanding changes in mobility & subsistence from terminal Pleistocene to Late Holocene in the highlands of New Guinea through intensity of lithic reduction, changing site types, and paleoclimate (2016) Adviser(s): Peter V. Lape Archaeology, Lithic Analysis, Southeast Asian
Social Support Networks and Self-Efficacy of Peruvian Women Diagnosed with Cancer: A Biocultural Analysis of Health Behavior Constructs (2016) Adviser(s): Bettina Shell Duncan, Steven M. Goodreau Behavioral Ecology, Biological Anthropology, Health, South American
Postural loading, sacral orientation and age influence sex-differences in lumbar functional morphology and health (2016) Adviser(s): Patricia A. Kramer Biological Anthropology, Biology, Health
The Price of Spice: Archaeological Investigations of Colonial Era Nutmeg Plantations on the Banda Islands, Maluku Province, Indonesia (2016) Adviser(s): Peter V. Lape Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Southeast Asian
Barça ou Barzakh: The Social Elsewhere of Failed Clandestine Migration Out of Senegal (2016) Adviser(s): Daniel J. Hoffman, Lynn M. Thomas African, Migration, Sociocultural Anthropology
White Face, Black Space. (2015) Adviser(s): Laada Bilaniuk African American, Education, Ethnography, Identity, Institutions, Race and Ethnicity
Insularity and adaptation: investigating the role of exchange and inter-island interaction in the Banda Islands, Indonesia (2015) Adviser(s): Peter V. Lape Archaeology, Ceramic Analysis, Population, Southeast Asian
Choosing Methadone: Managing Addiction and the Body Politic in Ukraine (2015) Adviser(s): Laada Bilaniuk East European, Health, Sociocultural Anthropology