Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Differing Interpretations of Sustainability and Natural Resource Management in Three Adjacent Communities in the Oregon Cascades (2010) Adviser(s): Stevan Harrell Environment, Pacific Northwest
Longitudinal development of spinal osteoarthritis in Macaca mulatta (2010) Adviser(s): Patricia A. Kramer Biological Anthropology, Medicine
The Politics of Representing Nature, Culture, and Conservation in Northwestern Bolivia (2010) Adviser(s): Stevan Harrell Culture, Environment, South American
Nursing in a Time of AIDS: Identity Formation in the Borderlands (2010) Identity, Medical Anthropology, Public Health, Sociocultural Anthropology
The Point of the Needle: An Anthropological Study of Childhood Vaccination in the U.S. (2010) Adviser(s): Bettina Shell Duncan Biological Anthropology, Children, Medical Anthropology
Authenticity, depth and healing at the end of the world: an auto-ethnography of Chinese medical practices (2010) Adviser(s): Lorna A. Rhodes East Asian, Medical Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology
The "Culture War" Over "Marriage Equality" in Seattle, Washington (2010) Adviser(s): Ann S. Anagnost Culture, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Identity, Institutions, Law and Society, Pacific Northwest, Queer Studies, Sexuality, Social Change, Sociocultural Anthropology
Open Secrets, Hidden Meanings: Censorship, Esoteric Power and Contested Authority in Urban Burma in the 1990s (2010) Adviser(s): Charles F. Keyes Government, History, Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian, Systems
Rethinking Agency in the Margins: The Political Economy of Food in Latino Immigrant Households. (2010) Adviser(s): Rachel R. Chapman, Devon G. Peña Food, Immigration, North American, Political Economy, Sociocultural Anthropology
Demystifying the Mosuo: The behavioral ecology of kinship and reproduction in China's "last matriarchal" society (2010) Adviser(s): Eric A. Smith Behavioral Ecology, Biological Anthropology, East Asian
Costly Signaling and Changing Faunal Abundances at Five Finger Ridge, Utah (2010) Adviser(s): Donald K. Grayson Archaeology, Ecology, North American
Continuity and Change Between Soviet and Post-Soviet Biography: the Last Soviet Generation (2010) Adviser(s): Laada Bilaniuk East European, Sociocultural Anthropology
Human Dietary Response to Climate Change and Resource Abundance (2009) Adviser(s): Donald K. Grayson Archaeology, Climate Change, Food
The Co-Evolution of Nature Conservation and Militarization on the U.S.-Mexico Border (2009) Adviser(s): Miriam Kahn, Ben Fitzhugh Environment, North American
Silent Risk: Chemical Pesticide Use among Fruit Farmers in an Eastern Thai Community (2009) Adviser(s): Janelle S. Taylor Medical Anthropology, Public Health, Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian
Forest Thieves? The Politics of Forest Resources in a Northwestern Frontier Valley of Vietnam (2009) Adviser(s): Charles F. Keyes Environment, Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian
Weathering the Waves: Climate Change, Politics, and Vulnerability in Tuvalu (2009) Climate Change, Oceanic
The Social Universe of a Protected Area: Community-based Eco-tourism in the Periyar Tiger Reserve, India (2009) Environment, Sociocultural Anthropology, South Asian
Public Land and the American Democratic Imaginary: A Case Study of Conflict over the Management of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (2009) Adviser(s): Miriam Kahn Nationalism, North American, Publics/Public Spheres, Sociocultural Anthropology
A Gendered Model of Prehistoric Resource Depression: A Case Study on the Northwest Coast (2009) Adviser(s): Donald K. Grayson Archaeology, North American, Pacific Northwest
An Ethnography of Refugee Resettlement, Resource Management, and Statemaking in Lowlands Eritrea (2009) African, Ethnography, Migration
Streets and Children in Surabaya (2009) Adviser(s): Ann S. Anagnost Children, Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian, Urban Studies
Libidinal Economies: Child Debts, Devotions, and Desires in Philippine Migrant Families (2009) Adviser(s): Celia Lowe Children, Migration, Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian
Wild Mushrooms, Forest Governance, and Conflict in the Northern Sierra of Oaxaca (2009) Conflict, Ecology, Environment, Government, North American
Pigs, Dryland Agriculture and Social Complexity in Precontact Hawai‘i: Assessing Surplus Production through Landscape Geochemistry (2009) Adviser(s): Julie K. Stein Archaeology, Oceanic