Public Art Installation in Shanghai, 2016, "YOUR BORDER IS YOUR BRAND"


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
The Health Implications of Periodic Dietary Restrictions on Animal Products among Orthodox Christians in the United States (2018) Hilary Bethancourt
Adviser(s): Kathleen O'Connor
Food, Health, Public Health, Religion
Certifying India: Everyday Aspiration and Basic Computer Training in Hyderabad (2018) Kathryn Zyskowski
Adviser(s): Sareeta Amrute
Cultural Anthropology, Education, Ethnography, Science and Technology, South Asian, Women
Negotiating the Confucian Religion in Indonesia: Invention, Resilience and Revival (1900-2010) (2018) Evi Sutrisno
Adviser(s): Celia Lowe
History, Politics of Representation, Religion, Southeast Asian
The traditional Hammam Bathhouse from Morocco to France : the body, purity, and perception (2018) Adviser(s): Laada Bilaniuk Ethnography, Postcolonial, Research Methods
Signature injury : an ethnographic study of mild traumatic brain injury in the post-9/11 VA health care system (2018) Anna Zogas
Adviser(s): Lorna A. Rhodes
Disability, Ethnography, Medical Anthropology, Public Health, War and Terror
Wounded Land and Wounded Peoples : Attitudes of Paiwan People and Tao People toward Nuclear Waste. (2017) Adviser(s): Stevan Harrell Environment, Indigenous, Social Justice
Towards an Indigenous Museology: Native American and First Nation Representation and Voice in North American Museums. (2017) Adviser(s): Miriam Kahn, James D. Nason American Indian/Native American, Art, Material Culture, Museum Studies/Museology
Public Art Installation in Shanghai, 2016, "YOUR BORDER IS YOUR BRAND" Cosmopolitanism for Credit: Learning Global Dispositions at Transnational Universities in China (2016) Rachel Naomi Lee
Adviser(s): Ann S. Anagnost, Stevan Harrell
East Asian, Economics, Education, Identity, Institutions, Law and Society, Science and Technology, Socialism and Post-Socialism, Sociocultural Anthropology, Urban Studies
Food security & nutrition assessment in an informal settlement in Lima, Peru (2016) Leah Isquith-Dicker Children, Food, Global Health, Health, Health Disparities, Public Health, Quantitative Methods, Social Justice, Urban Studies, Women
The Impact of Global English in Xinjiang, China: Linguistic Capital and Identity Negotiation among the Ethnic Minority and Han Students (2016) Adviser(s): Ann S. Anagnost, Laada Bilaniuk East Asian, Identity, Linguistics, Sociocultural Anthropology
Cultivating subjectivities: the class politics of convivial labor in the interstitial spaces of neoliberal neglect (2016) Adviser(s): Devon G. Peña Culture, Health, Identity, Social Justice, Sociocultural Anthropology
A biocultural examination of student learning behaviors in large undergraduate lectures (2016) Adviser(s): Dan T. A. Eisenberg, Steven M. Goodreau Biological Anthropology, Biology, Education, Evolution, Identity
Creating an empire: local political change at Angamuco, Michoacan, Mexico (2016) Adviser(s): Peter V. Lape Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Publics/Public Spheres
Understanding changes in mobility & subsistence from terminal Pleistocene to Late Holocene in the highlands of New Guinea through intensity of lithic reduction, changing site types, and paleoclimate (2016) Adviser(s): Peter V. Lape Archaeology, Lithic Analysis, Southeast Asian
I’m Black and I’m Strong: The Health Effects of Resilience in the face of Racial Discrimination among Black Americans in Metropolitan Seattle (2016) Julius Doyle Biological Anthropology, Biology, Culture, Health, Health Disparities, Identity, Pacific Northwest, Race and Ethnicity
Social Support Networks and Self-Efficacy of Peruvian Women Diagnosed with Cancer: A Biocultural Analysis of Health Behavior Constructs (2016) Adviser(s): Bettina Shell Duncan, Steven M. Goodreau Behavioral Ecology, Biological Anthropology, Health, South American
Postural loading, sacral orientation and age influence sex-differences in lumbar functional morphology and health (2016) Adviser(s): Patricia A. Kramer Biological Anthropology, Biology, Health
The Price of Spice: Archaeological Investigations of Colonial Era Nutmeg Plantations on the Banda Islands, Maluku Province, Indonesia (2016) Adviser(s): Peter V. Lape Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Southeast Asian
Barça ou Barzakh: The Social Elsewhere of Failed Clandestine Migration Out of Senegal (2016) Adviser(s): Daniel J. Hoffman, Lynn M. Thomas African, Migration, Sociocultural Anthropology
Orbital Convergence via Predation and Leaping (2015) David Schruth Behavioral Ecology, Evolution, Nonhuman Primates, Statistics
Frequent Leaping Origins (2015) David Schruth Behavioral Ecology, Evolution, Nonhuman Primates, Statistics
White Face, Black Space. (2015) Adviser(s): Laada Bilaniuk African American, Education, Ethnography, Identity, Institutions, Race and Ethnicity
Insularity and adaptation: investigating the role of exchange and inter-island interaction in the Banda Islands, Indonesia (2015) Adviser(s): Peter V. Lape Archaeology, Ceramic Analysis, Population, Southeast Asian
Choosing Methadone: Managing Addiction and the Body Politic in Ukraine (2015) Adviser(s): Laada Bilaniuk East European, Health, Sociocultural Anthropology
Co-constructing Racial Identities at Seattle's Northwest African American Museum (2015) Adviser(s): Miriam Kahn African American, Identity, Museum Studies/Museology, Sociocultural Anthropology