Predissertation Pilot Awards


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
I’m Black and I’m Strong: The Health Effects of Resilience in the face of Racial Discrimination among Black Americans in Metropolitan Seattle (2016) Julius Doyle Biological Anthropology, Biology, Culture, Health, Health Disparities, Identity, Pacific Northwest, Race and Ethnicity

In progress

Short Title People Involved Related Fields
The Historical Archaeology of Gender, Food and Labor in Old Harbor, Alaska (2018) Hollis Miller
Adviser(s): Ben Fitzhugh
Archaeology, North American
Rattus Hierarchicus: Affect, Caste, and Human-Rat Relationships in Rajasthan  (2018) Kyle Trembley
Adviser(s): Radhika Govindrajan
Animal Studies, Ethnography, Public Health, Religion
Border Crossing, Collaboration and Transition: NGOs' Health Aid in the China and Myanmar Border (2018) Juan Luo
Adviser(s): Stevan Harrell
Conflict, East Asian, Global Health, Public Health
Ethnographic research in the Refill Clinic at Highland in Oakland, California.  (2017) Michael Esveldt
Adviser(s): Janelle S. Taylor
Health, Medical Anthropology
San Pablo Archaeological Project: Filipino Responses to Spanish Colonialism in Northern Luzon (2017) Mikhail Echavarri
Adviser(s): Peter V. Lape
Archaeology, Southeast Asian
Rethinking gender and sexuality in an African context during the end of HIV/AIDS paradox (2016) Cynthia Simekha African, Global Health, Health, HIV
The effect of European contact on social organization in Northeastern Taiwan during 17th century (2016) Li-Ying Wang Archaeology, East Asian, Historical Archaeology
Cultural Contact and Technology in the Archaeological Record of Northern Japan (2016) Erin Gamble Archaeology, East Asian, Historical Archaeology