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Current Issues in Medical Anthropology and Global Health (MAGH) Seminar Series (ANTH 324/524) During Autumn 2020, the Current Issues in MAGH seminar series will take place on Wednesdays 3:30-4:50. While this is also a class for credits, everyone is welcome to attend.  Speaker Line Up: Sept. 30  Dr. Julius Doyle, St. Johns University, New York, NY (and alum from UW Anthropology)"Understanding the Effects of Racism and COVID-19 on Physical Health in African-Americans" Oct. 7... Read more
Denny Hall, home of the Department of Anthropology
List of resources for Anthropology Students, Staff and Faculty University of Washington Position Statements:November 9th Statement from President Ana Mari Cauce on “Our Shared Ideals”November 17th Statement form President Ana Mari... Read more
The article recounts the story of the Donner Party and asks the reader to imagine being part of the doomed trek. Donald Grayson, professor emeritus of anthropology at the UW, is quoted. Featured on Wired 
Our primate ancestors might have become “protomusical” to advertise their ability to perform death-defying leaps from tree to tree. David Schruth, a postdoctoral researcher in anthropology at the UW, is referenced. Featured on New Scientist 
College of Arts & Sciences Dean Stacey explains that there is an important civic, political, social, and cultural element to an education and that you can get that in a wide variety of majors. Featured on 
Interested in the College of Arts & Sciences but don’t know what to study? Here are six majors that you may not have discovered yet. Featured on The Daily 
At its final colloquium, the Henry Art Gallery invites academics from the UW and other institutions "to think beyond species." Featured on The Daily 
New research reveals significant changes to the circulation of the North Pacific and its impact on the initial migration of humans from Asia to North America. Featured on UW News 
Ben Fitzhugh, professor of anthropology, explains the results of a new study he co-authored on human migration. Featured on UW News 
The UW has started offering a new STEM minor in data science, one of the first universities in the country to do so. Ben Marwick, an associate professor of archeology and director of the new data science minor, is quoted. Featured on UW News