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Denny Hall, home of the Department of Anthropology
List of resources for Anthropology Students, Staff and Faculty University of Washington Position Statements:November 9th Statement from President Ana Mari Cauce on “Our Shared Ideals”November 17th Statement form President Ana Mari... Read more
A variety of books by College of Arts and Sciences faculty are featured in this list of recent UW books. Anthropologist Charles Keyes looks back in Buddhism-focused memoir ‘Impermanence.’ Watch a UW Press video interview with Keyes.... Read more
Steve Goodreau, professor of anthropology, discusses how this Pride month is different from any other for the LGBTQ+ community. Featured on Inverse 
Students create videos, capping a UW class taught by anthropology lecturer Graham Pruss on music as a form of protest. Featured on UW News 
Mary Hall Williams, anthropology student who organized the event, is interviewed about the celebration of Juneteenth at the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. Featured on KUOW 
Radhika Govindrajan, associate professor of anthropology, writes about harmful tropes in conservation activism. Featured on The Huffington Post 
Bill Tsi’li’xw James, hereditary chief of the Lummi people, was a teacher of culture, language and art who passed on teachings until his last breath. Featured on The Seattle Times 
A wide variety of College of Arts and Sciences students and faculty have been honored with the 2020 Awards of Excellence. Featured on UW News 
Dear Dr. Kramer, The coronavirus uprooted everyone’s lives and caused major disruptions around the world. But it failed to keep this public announcement under its grip. After a mere 30-day delay, I am proud to announce that I have been selected as a 2020 University of Washington Husky 100. I want to honor Dr. Holly Barker, Lorna Hamill, Kai Wise, Jon Olivera, Tami Hohn and countless other folks who have helped and shaped me throughout my undergraduate education at UW. First Nations at UW,... Read more
Project flyer photo of mother holding child in the air with a corona-19 virus in the background
by Melanie Martin Anthropology faculty Melanie Martin and Dan Eisenberg, along with Eleanor Brindle (Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology, CSDE) are collaborating with researchers at the University of Idaho and Washington State University to study maternal-infant transmission and immune responses to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Among the many... Read more