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Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Origins and Development of Arctic Maritime Adaptations in the Western Subarctic. (2016) Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology, Environment, Geography, Migration
Book review “Loneliness and its Opposite,” by Don Kulick and Jens Rydström.  (2016) Marieke van Eijk Disability, Medical Anthropology
Ideologies of Language in Wartime (2016) Laada Bilaniuk Language, Nationalism, Socialism and Post-Socialism, Sociocultural Anthropology
Race, media, and postcoloniality: Ukraine between nationalism and cosmopolitanism (2016) Laada Bilaniuk Identity, Nationalism, Popular Culture, Postcolonial, Race and Ethnicity, Socialism and Post-Socialism, Sociocultural Anthropology
Mixed-Methods Assessment of Trauma and Acute Care Surgical Quality Improvement Programs in Peru.  (2016) Leah Isquith-Dicker Global Health, Health, Medical Anthropology, Medicine, Public Health
Surgeon and Trauma Care Providers' Perception of the Impact of the Globalization of Medical Education on Quality of Care Provided in Lima, Peru. (2016) Leah Isquith-Dicker Global Health, Health, Medical Anthropology, Public Health
Care and crowdsourcing (2016) Melissa Liu Global Health, Health, Health Disparities, History, Institutions, Medicine, Politics of Representation, Public Health, Science and Technology, Social Change
A Good Death: Towards Alternative Dementia Personhoods (2016) Melissa Liu Aging, Health, Institutions, Medical Anthropology, Science and Technology
Practical Issues in the Measurement of Child Survival in Health Systems Trials (2016) David Citrin Geographic Information Systems, Global Health, Health, Population, Public Health, Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, South Asian, Statistics
Recommendations from primary care providers for integrating mental health in a primary care system in rural Nepal (2016) David Citrin Global Health, Health, Public Health, South Asian
Fixing things, moving stories. (2016) Jenna Grant Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Medical Anthropology, Religion, Reproduction, Science and Technology, Southeast Asian, Visual Culture
Flatulence (2016) Radhika Govindrajan Environment
The long and the short of it: New insights on sperm length help demystify the complexities of sexual selection (2016) Alex Hill, Dan T. A. Eisenberg Biology, Evolution, Fertility, Reproduction
Timing of Initiation of Maintenance Dialysis (2016) Janelle S. Taylor Medical Anthropology, Medicine, Qualitative Methods, Sociocultural Anthropology
Provider Perspectives on Advance Care Planning for Patients with Kidney Disease: Whose Job is it Anyway? (2016) Janelle S. Taylor Medical Anthropology, Medicine, Qualitative Methods, Sociocultural Anthropology, Work and Occupations
How Mega-Macho-Pastor Mark Driscoll Helps Explain Trump’s Evangelical Support (2016) Religion, Sociocultural Anthropology
Three Poems by Tahir Hamut (2016) Darren Byler Culture, Popular Culture, Sociocultural Anthropology, Urban Studies
Adulterous Dotiyal or Protector of the Oppressed? Modernity and the Reframing of Ganganath's itihas in Uttarakhand (2016) Radhika Govindrajan Sociocultural Anthropology
From subjects to relations (2016) Jenna Grant HIV, Postcolonial, Science and Technology, Sociocultural Anthropology, Southeast Asian
Sexual selection on male vocal fundamental frequency in humans and other anthropoids (2016) Alex Hill Behavioral Ecology, Biological Anthropology, Biology, Evolution, Nonhuman Primates
The Midland calvarium and the early human habitation of the Americas (2015) Archaeology
Material Evidence: Learning from Archaeological Practice (2015) Archaeology
Moving Rape: trafficking in the violence of postliberalization (2015) Sareeta Amrute Sociocultural Anthropology
Children, Rights, and Modernity in China (2015) Jing Xu Children, Cities, Cultural Anthropology, East Asian, Education, Social Change, Sociocultural Anthropology
Evolució de les comunitats prehistòriques i protohistòriques i transformació del paisatge al nord-est de l’illa de Mallorca: Projecte d’estudi i resultats preliminars (2015) Marcos Llobera, Jacob Deppen Archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, Mediterranean