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Results of the anonymous feedback survey on the replication assignment.
Artefact densities for squares B4–B6 and C4–C6


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Living and Praying in the Code: The Flexibility and Discipline of Indian Information Technology Workers (ITers) in a Global Economy (2010) Sareeta Amrute Sociocultural Anthropology
Seafaring intensity and island–mainland interaction along the Pacific Coast of North America (2010) Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology
Paleoclimates and the emergence of fortifications in the tropical Pacific islands (2010) Peter V. Lape Archaeology
The Neoliberalization of Football (2010) Critical Theory, Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography, Social Change, Social Justice
Language in the balance: The politics of non-accommodation in bilingual Ukrainian-Russian television shows (2010) Laada Bilaniuk Ethnography, Identity, Language, Linguistics, Nationalism, Popular Culture, Socialism and Post-Socialism, Sociocultural Anthropology
The Anatomy of Ephemeral Health Care (2010) David Citrin Ethnography, Global Health, Health, Health Disparities, Medical Anthropology, Public Health, Qualitative Methods, South Asian
Why Don't Patients Enroll in Hospice? Can We Do Anything About It? (2010) Janelle S. Taylor Aging, Medical Anthropology, Medicine, Qualitative Methods, Sociocultural Anthropology
On Recognition, Caring, and Dementia (2010) Janelle S. Taylor Aging, Disability, Ethnography, Medical Anthropology, Narrative Analysis, Sociocultural Anthropology
The Citizen-Soldier: Masculinity, War, and Sacrifice at an Emerging Church in Seattle, Washington (2010) Religion, Sociocultural Anthropology
The Appropriation of Archaeological Finds (2009) Archaeology
Birds of a feather, or friend of a friend? Using exponential random graph models to investigate adolescent social networks (2009) Steven M. Goodreau Biological Anthropology
The Large Mammals of Roc de Combe (Lot, France): The Châtelperronian and Aurignacian Assemblages (2008) Donald K. Grayson Archaeology
Fortification as a human response to late Holocene climate change in East Timor (2008) Peter V. Lape Archaeology
The Public Life of the Fetal Sonogram: Technology, Consumption, and the Politics of Reproduction (2008) Janelle S. Taylor Conflict, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Medical Anthropology, Medicine, North American, Popular Culture, Reproduction, Science and Technology, Visual Culture, Women
On Recognition, Caring, and Dementia (2008) Aging, Disability, Ethnography, Medical Anthropology
Introduction to In Focus: Culture in the Spaces of No Culture (2008) Janelle S. Taylor Cultural Anthropology, Culture, Ethnography, Institutions, Sociocultural Anthropology
The distribution of postpartum amenorrhea in rural Bangladeshi women (2006) Darryl Holman Biological Anthropology
Finding the People Who flaked the Stone at English Camp (2006) Angela E. Close Archaeology
Contests Tongues book cover Contested Tongues: Language Politics and Cultural Correction in Ukraine (2005) Laada Bilaniuk East European, Identity, Language, Linguistics, Nationalism, Socialism and Post-Socialism, Sociocultural Anthropology
Consuming Motherhood (2004) Janelle S. Taylor Disability, Ethnography, Human Reproductive Ecology, Material Culture, Medical Anthropology, Reproduction, Science and Technology, Sociocultural Anthropology, Women
Book Cover The Evolution of Complex Hunter-Gatherers (2003) Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology, Behavioral Ecology, Demography, Ecology, Economics, Environment, Evolution, Landscape Archaeology, Pacific Northwest, Political Economy
The Story Catches You and You Fall Down: Tragedy, Ethnography, and 'Cultural Competence' (2003) Janelle S. Taylor Culture, Ethnography, Medical Anthropology, Medicine, Narrative Analysis, Race and Ethnicity, Sociocultural Anthropology, Storytelling
Confronting 'Culture' in Medicine's 'Culture of No Culture' (2003) Janelle S. Taylor Culture, Institutions, Medical Anthropology, Medicine, North American, Race and Ethnicity, Sociocultural Anthropology
Beyond Foraging and Collecting cover image Beyond Foraging and Collecting (2002) Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology, Behavioral Ecology, Ecology, Environment, Evolution, Human Ecology
Against Humanity (Completed/published) African, Human Rights, Violence and Trauma, War and Terror