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Section drawings of excavated sections at Badahlin Cave (A) and Gu Myaung Cave


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Article (Completed/published) Culture, Ethnography, Sociocultural Anthropology, Space/Place
Article (Completed/published) Miriam Kahn Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography, Landscape, Postcolonial, Sociocultural Anthropology, Space/Place


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Neglected Diseases in Monkeys - From the Monkey-Human Interface to One Health. (2020) Biological Anthropology, Biology, Disease, Global Health, Health, Medical Anthropology, Nonhuman Primates, Public Health
A Preliminary Analysis on the Ferrous Pyrotechnology of the Blihun Hanben Site and its Comparison to the Shihsanhang Iron Technology in Metal Age Taiwan (2019) Jiun-Yu Liu Archaeology
Defining Song using Primate Calls (2019) David Schruth Art, Behavioral Ecology, Evolution, Nonhuman Primates, Statistics
"Thinking about thinking" in a VA traumatic brain injury clinic  (2018) Anna Zogas Disability, Sociocultural Anthropology
Medical Work as Cultural Practice (2017) Janelle S. Taylor Education, Medical Anthropology, Medicine, Sociocultural Anthropology, Work and Occupations
Maternal-prenatal stress and hypertensive conditions as risk factors for adverse birth outcomes among Black and White infants (2016) Julius Doyle Biological Anthropology
Deviant Motherhood: House Arrest and Social Belonging in Argentina (Forthcoming) Leyla Savloff Feminism and Feminist Theory, Social Justice, South American, Urban Studies, Women
Griffin, P. Joshua. "Thresholds" in Anthropocene Unseen: A Lexicon.  C. Howe and A. Pandian Eds. Punctum Books. (Forthcoming) P. Joshua Griffin American Indian/Native American, Climate Change, Indigenous, Political Economy, Social Justice, Sociocultural Anthropology
Rural China on the Eve of Revolution (Forthcoming) Jing Xu, Stevan Harrell East Asian, Sociocultural Anthropology

In progress

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“The End of AIDS”, Austerity and the HIV Treatment Retention Crisis in Mozambique.” (In progress) Rachel R. Chapman African, Global Health, Health Disparities, HIV, Political Economy, Public Health, Qualitative Methods, Reproduction, Social Justice, Women


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Publications (Ongoing) Rachel R. Chapman African, African American, Global Health, Health Disparities, Political Economy, Reproduction, Women
Publications (Ongoing) Rachel R. Chapman African, Global Health, Medical Anthropology, Qualitative Methods, Women