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Results of the anonymous feedback survey on the replication assignment.
Regional onsets of land-use categories and decline of foraging
Section drawings of excavated sections at Badahlin Cave (A) and Gu Myaung Cave
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Two Mozambican community activists on bikes heading to do home visits to people in the community living with HIV.


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New data and synthesis of ΔR estimates from the northern Pacific Ocean. (2020) Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology, Dating, Oceanic
Archaeological Paleodemography around the North Pacific Rim. (2020) Ben Fitzhugh, William Brown Archaeology, Climate Change, Demography, East Asian, Ecology, Environment, Food, Human Disease Ecology, Human Ecology, Population
Biogeography and adaptation in the Kuril Islands, Northeast Asia. (2020) Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology, Artifacts, East Asian, Ecology, Environment, Human Ecology, Landscape Archaeology, Zooarchaeology
The Mischievous, the Naughty, and the Violent in a Taiwanese Village (2020) Jing Xu Children, Cultural Anthropology, East Asian, Ethnography, Field Research Methods, History, Research Methods, Sociocultural Anthropology
Tattling with Chinese Characteristics (2020) Jing Xu Children, Culture, East Asian, Education, Ethnography, History, Sociocultural Anthropology
A critical comparative ethnographic study of courtesy stigma in two leprosy-impacted communities in Indonesia (2020) Dimas Iqbal Romadhon Ethnography, Medical Anthropology, Narrative Analysis, Public Health, Qualitative Methods, Southeast Asian
Cover of EASTS journal, painting by Chia Yu Chian of nurses and others gathered around a reception desk in a Malaysian hospital in the 1980s Repair in translation. (2020) Jenna Grant Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Medical Anthropology, Politics of Representation, Postcolonial, Science and Technology, Southeast Asian
Map The first Australian plant foods at Madjedbebe (2020) Ben Marwick Archaeology, Behavioral Ecology, Ecology, Environment, Evolution, Food, Geoarchaeology, Oceanic
Graph from publicaiton Tool-Driven Revolutions in Archaeological Science (2020) Ben Marwick Archaeology, Computational Methods, Quantitative Methods, Science and Technology, Statistics
Estimating the in vivo location of the talus from external surface landmarks. (2020) Steven G. Lautzenheiser, Patricia A. Kramer Biological Anthropology, Quantitative Methods
Lateral Solidarity (2019) Raphaëlle Rabanes Disability, Ethnography, Global Health, Health Disparities, Medical Anthropology, Postcolonial, Qualitative Methods, Race and Ethnicity, Social Justice, Sociocultural Anthropology
Volcanoes and Settlement in the North Pacific. (2019) Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology, East Asian, Environment, Geoarchaeology, Geography
Settlement History and Archaeology of the Kuril Islands in Regional Context. (2019) Ben Fitzhugh Archaeology, Artifacts, Dating, Demography, East Asian, Landscape Archaeology, Material Culture
The Structural Competency Working Group (2019) Sam B. Dubal Medical Anthropology, Medicine, Political Economy, Public Health, Social Change, Social Justice
 Using paperwork as ethnographic research tools (2019) Marieke van Eijk Ethnography, Health, Medical Anthropology
Modeling the Spine using Finite Element Models: Considerations and Cautions (2019) Alexandra Hammerberg Biological Anthropology
Tsimane vs. WHO growth references (2019) Melanie Martin Biological Anthropology, Global Health, Public Health
Biological Anthropology in 2018 (2019) Melanie Martin Biological Anthropology
"NGOs, austerity, and universal health coverage in Mozambique."  (2019) Rachel R. Chapman, James T. Pfeiffer African, Global Health, Health Disparities, Political Economy, Public Health, Social Justice
Bovine Politics in South Asia (2019) Radhika Govindrajan Cultural Anthropology, History, Law and Society, Religion, South Asian
Results of the anonymous feedback survey on the replication assignment.  How to Use Replication Assignments for Teaching Integrity in Empirical Archaeology (2019) Ben Marwick, Li-Ying Wang, Hope Loiselle Archaeology, Pedagogy, Quantitative Methods
pottery Patterned and plain baked clay from pre-pottery contexts in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. (2019) Ben Marwick Archaeology, Quantitative Methods, Southeast Asian
Regional onsets of land-use categories and decline of foraging Archaeological assessment reveals Earth’s early transformation through land use. (2019) Ben Marwick Archaeology, Environment, Quantitative Methods
Section drawings of excavated sections at Badahlin Cave (A) and Gu Myaung Cave First luminescence ages for Myanmar (2019) Ben Marwick Archaeology, Dating, Environment, Evolution, Geoarchaeology, Indigenous Archaeology, Quantitative Methods, Southeast Asian, Statistics
Freedom in Practice: Art-Making and the Politics of Women's incarceration in Argentina (2019) Leyla Savloff Feminism and Feminist Theory, Social Justice, Women