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Glass, D. “The Differential Effects of Kin & Non-Kin on Fertility Variation”. Undergraduate Thesis.  Undergraduate Evolution, Fertility, Human Ecology, Women
Baumann, Dianne. "Broken Spirit: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Deculturization of the Blackfeet Nation." BA thesis., Saint Martin's University, 2015. Undergraduate, Honors Theses American Indian/Native American, Cultural Anthropology, Education, Ethnography, Government, Indigenous, North American, Religion
Walls, Baya. Leidensdruck: Gender Reassignment Surgery, Sociocultural Factors, Economic Issues, and Life Quality of Transgender Individuals in the United States and Germany. 2013. Senior Anthropology Honors Thesis, University of Washington, Seattle WA Undergraduate, Honors Theses Health Disparities, Human Rights, Identity, Medical Anthropology, North American, Oral History, Qualitative Methods, Social Change, Social Justice, West European
Measuring cultural consensus on nutrition within and between parent and child groups in a Latino population in the Southeast: the effects of acculturation, influence on practice, and implications Undergraduate, Honors Theses Food, Global Health, Health, Health Disparities, Public Health, Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods
Liu, Ziqi., Glass, Delaney., Goodreau, Steve. A Syndemic, Qualitative Study of HIV Stigma in China. Undergraduate Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, HIV, Identity, Medical Anthropology, Qualitative Methods, Sexuality