Archaeological Paleodemography around the North Pacific Rim.

Fitzhugh, B., W.A. Brown, N. Misarti. 2020 “Archaeological Paleodemography: Resilience, Robustness and Population Crashes around the North Pacific Rim.” In, Arctic Crashes: People and Animals in the Changing North, edited by I. Krupnik, A. Crowell. Smithsonian Scholarly Press, Washington D.C. Pp. 43-60.

This paper compares archaeological population proxy trends from Kodiak, the Aleutian Islands, and Kurils Islands that reveal interesting late Holocene correspondence within regions and inverse correlations between the NE Pacific (Alaskan) and NW Pacific (Kuril) trends. The paper proposes two alternative models to explain these trends: 1) the existence of a previously unknown century to millennial scale environmental oscillation in regime shifts of bottom-up marine ecology and food security and 2) an asymmetry in the demographic effects of expanding incorporation into 'world system' economies and associated exposure to epidemic diseases.