Healing Heart and Soul: Decreasing COVID-19 Perinatal Health Disparities through Maternal Self-Monitoring and Reporting of Blood Pressure, Stress, Depression and Safety

Poster for the Heart and Soul research project by Jan Jimenez
Healing Heart and Soul:Decreasing COVID-19 Perinatal Health Disparitiesthrough Maternal Self-Monitoring and Reportingof Blood Pressure, Stress, Depression and Safety

Overarching Project Vision

This project is testing the feasibility of technology transfer of blood pressure monitoring kits (BP kit) and a stress, depression and safety self-monitoring screener tool to prenatal care clients for use in reduced prenatal including telemedicine visits under COVID-19 quarantine restrictions.  Pilot study objectives include: 1) increasing perinatal clinic/patient points of contact for critical health monitoring, treatment and referrals; 2) decreasing barriers to reporting and treating maternal hypertension and debilitating sequelae of stress and depression; 3) normalizing social/emotional health-seeking alongside biological health monitoring as best perinatal care practice during COVID-19.  This project builds upon the previously PHI-funded Mama Amaan project community trust and core components (doula care, congruent education modules and screening tools, social media contacts and patient empowerment focus).