AnthropoLog - Spring 2014

As people with an interest in human life in all its diversity, anthropologists have always been fascinated by how communities reproduce themselves, not only through procreation and birth, but also through the recruitment and incorporation of new members—processes that always entail continuity and transformation. This year, we are delighted to see the UW anthropology community renewed and transformed by an infusion of new people, bringing remarkable new talents and energies. First and foremost,… Read more
This past winter I found myself living in the epicenter of a political revolution. I was ten months into a fourteen-month dissertation project on internationally funded drug treatment programs in Ukraine. Though I was based in the capital city of Kyiv, my research took me all over the country—from rural cities along the Polish border to major ports onthe Crimean coast. At the end of November, however, my research site contracted dramatically, and my only focus was a handful of city blocks in… Read more
Last spring our chair received an inquiry from Pat Landow, a retired physician living in Connecticut. Pat was seeking information about the library that had been established in the Department of Anthropology in the 1950s in memory of her elder brother, Roy Webb, an enthusiastic UW anthropology student who died at a tragically young age. When first established, the Roy Webb Library housed many books and journals on the fourth floor of Denny Hall. The advent of computers and online library tools… Read more
In January, the department hosted an event that focused on our graduate student pilot research endowment—STARTS (Student Training in Anthropological Research Tools and Skills)—andhonored its founders, Cathy Tuttle and her late husband David Notkin. In the early 90s, Cathy had been a graduate student in the Department of Anthropology. David was a member and former chair in the UW’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He passed away in April 2012, and the event was an occasion not… Read more
In November 2013, the department organized four field trips for students and faculty to the Pacific Science Center exhibit Race: Are We So Different? Created by the American Anthropological Association, the exhibit explores the concept of race through a series of engaging, interactive exhibits that challenge visitors to probe deeper into this complex and often misunderstood concept that is so fundamental to our lives. The exhibit guides the viewer through three areas: the history of… Read more
In April, we hosted our second annual Career Night so that current students could hear about the many different paths that can be included as answers to the question we hear so often: What can you do with an anthropology degree? Five anthropologists who have chosen different paths outside of academia—all department alumni or friends—offered sage advice for the students. The five panelists, who shared their experiences, insights and suggestions, were: Nasteha Ali Muse, BA, who graduated… Read more
On May 16, graduate students, faculty, and staff came together for the STAR Conference (Show and Tell: Anthropological Research), which took place in the Husky Union Building. With help from the graduate program administrators, a team of graduate students from all three sub-disciplines organized a day of graduate student presentations to facilitate connections and provide a space for spirited conversation. From addiction in Ukraine to paleopopulation census records, the topics covered in the… Read more
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The UW Anthropology Club is coming back to life! Hanna Dinh, a graduating senior majoring in Medical Anthropology and Global Health, is spearheading its progression with the support of Chair Janelle Taylor, and the anthropology undergraduate advisers, Joni Marts and Diane Guerra. The goal is to create a cohesive community of enthusiastic anthropology students (both undergraduate and graduate) from different disciplines in providing further opportunities and enrichment of the exciting fields of… Read more
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We would like to take this opportunity to thank those generous donors who contributed to our efforts this past year. We believe that anthropology makes a world of difference and we want you to know that you make a world of difference to us! David Agoada, DPMAlliance for EducationProf. Ann S. Anagnost and Mr. John BurgeMs. Diane E. BarryRobert T. Boyd, PhDDr. Ruth G. BryanMario A. Ceron Valdes, PhDCurtis Wienker TrustProf. and Mrs. William S. DanceyLydia A. DeSantis, PhDProf… Read more
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Lecturer Holly Barker was one of five UW faculty mentors honored with an Undergraduate Research Mentor Award in spring 2013. Students who participate in the Undergraduate Research Symposium select the mentors for the award. Assistant Professor Dan Eisenberg’s paper about the importance of paternal age in reproduction was recommended by “Faculty of 1000” and was also covered by the BBC Science in Italy. Associate Professor Steven… Read more
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GRADUATE STUDENTS Jeannie Bailey received a UWRA Fellowship in Aging (awarded for winter 2015) to work on her research looking at the effects of caloric restriction on the rate and severity of spinal osteoarthritis, as well as her dissertation work on women’s health pertaining to sex differences in lumbar spine form and function. Hilary Bethancourt was awarded a NICHD (Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development) training fellowship from the Center for… Read more