Anthropology Club Back in Business

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The UW Anthropology Club is coming back to life! Hanna Dinh, a graduating senior majoring in Medical Anthropology and Global Health, is spearheading its progression with the support of Chair Janelle Taylor, and the anthropology undergraduate advisers, Joni Marts and Diane Guerra. The goal is to create a cohesive community of enthusiastic anthropology students (both undergraduate and graduate) from different disciplines in providing further opportunities and enrichment of the exciting fields of anthropology outside the classroom through social engagements and interactive activities. She would like to make students' time in the department and in their major a more welcoming, informative, and interactive experience.

After soliciting student interest during spring break, Hannah discovered that more than fifty students were interested in reviving the Anthropology Club. In the first Anthropology Club meeting, students were very eager to share their ideas about the kinds of events and activities they'd like to see the club implement. These included social mixers, networking nights, field trips to museums, trivia nights, documentary/movie nights followed by discussions, potlucks, teaching anthropology to high school students and UW athletes, an Anthropology Research Symposium, and guest speakers. With this strong support of interest and long list of events and activities, Hanna is confident that the UW Anthropology Club has a lot of potential to grow and impact the students' anthropology experience.

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