2013 Donors | Spring 2014

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those generous donors who contributed to our efforts this past year. We believe that anthropology makes a world of difference and we want you to know that you make a world of difference to us!

David Agoada, DPM
Alliance for Education
Prof. Ann S. Anagnost and Mr. John Burge
Ms. Diane E. Barry
Robert T. Boyd, PhD
Dr. Ruth G. Bryan
Mario A. Ceron Valdes, PhD
Curtis Wienker Trust
Prof. and Mrs. William S. Dancey
Lydia A. DeSantis, PhD
Prof. Bettina Shell Duncan and Mr. Tim Duncan
Drs. Peter and Amy Eby
Drs. Lynda Emel and Carter Bentley
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Epstein
ExxonMobil Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Faulkner
Mr. Peter J. Fiore
Prof. J.B. Fitzhugh and Prof. L. Bilaniuk
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Freeman
Mr. Jason Froggatt and Ms. Wendy Lister
Ms. Patricia B. Fuqua
Ms. Georgine Z. Gillispie
Dr. C. Jill Grady
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Green
Hanford Challenge
Prof. Stevan and Dr. Barbara B. Harrell
Mr. Kenneth J. Walkky and Ms. Julia Hecht
Ms. Pamelia S. Hilty
Joanne J. Ho, PhD
Mr. Steven Jacobs and Ms. Joanne Hoover
Prof. Miriam Kahn and Mr. Richard Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Konen
Dr. Patricia and Mr. Brian J. Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kramer
Dr. Patricia Landow
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher C. LeCuyer
Dr. Donna L. and Mr. Frank A. Leonetti
Kimberley Lucas, PhD
Ms. Ellen K. Maxson
Ms. Carolyn J. McBride
Ms. Tracy N. Middlebrook
Mr. and Mrs. Mario D. Moreno
Dr. and Mrs. Philip L. Newman
Kathleen A. O'Connor, PhD
Drs. Andrew Olshan and Linda Levitch
Mr. N. L. Pazderic and Ms. C.S. Soong
Jane W. Peterson, PhD
Dr. Vincent F. Phillips
Ms. Wendy P. Phillips
Dr. Karen A. Porter
Mr. Forest A. Rak
Mr. Gerald F. Schroedl
Prof. E.Searles and Prof. M. Johnson
Ms. Janet K. Sears
Joseph Robert Siebert, PhD
Ms. Linda D. Siebert
Joyce E. Sirianni, PhD
Ms. Cheryl C. Spasojevic
Prof. Wilhelmina Savenye and Mr. Joseph Springer
Ms. Linda M. Squires
State of Washington
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Stixrood
Mr. Zachary Z. Stroum
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Lynn Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Terry
Ms. Doriann E. Thompson
Ms. Michele and Mr. John Thornquist
Mr. Eric Thorsen and Ms. M. Brinck-Lund
Ms. Peggy L. Tlapak
Hsun-Hui Tseng, PhD
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne B. Venters
Ms. Sila T. Washburn
Washington Physicians
Mr. and Ms. Robert L. Welsch
Mr. Gerszonowicz and Prof. Margaret Wylie
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Yeager
Dr. Martin Zechman

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