Li-Ying Wang

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M.A., Anthropology, University of Washington, 2016
Ph.D., Anthropology: Archaeology, University of Washington, 2021
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My research explores social changes at a major Iron Age site (14-19th centuries AD) in northeastern Taiwan during the European colonial period in the 17th century. I examine multiple lines of evidence, including trade ornaments, locally made ceramics, and burial data to answer the question of whether social inequality was stimulated by foreign presence. My work uses spatial analysis, geochemical methods, geometric morphometrics, and social network analysis to compare the archaeological evidence across phases before and after the arrival of Europeans. I have participated in archaeological projects in eastern Taiwan and northern Vietnam, ranging from Paleolithic to historical sites. In addition, I am very interested in open science and reproducible research and incorporate these approaches into my analysis, writing, and teaching practices.



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