Anthro Data Science Working Group

Submitted by Catherine M. Zeigler on

Social scientists are well equipped to challenge, contribute to, and transform pressing social issues of high impact. Many of us have skills in making nuanced evaluations, collaborating with community stakeholders, and bringing interdisciplinary perspectives to the fore. However, we can potentially amplify our methods, analysis, and dissemination of research using data science toolkits, broadly defined. This is why we created Anthro Data Science, an informal collaborative working group based in Seattle, reaching global audiences. Li-Ying Wang, Gayoung Park, Delaney Glass, and Anwesha Pan started this group with hopes to learn and share data science (programming, computation, statistics) tools with each other, collaborating at every step of the process with each other and faculty mentors Dr. Ben Marwick and Dr. Melanie Martin. We have since been thrilled to bring in new graduate student, postdoctoral, and faculty collaborators hosting workshops on making professional websites with bookdown and Hugo, introduction to Git and Github for anthropologists, data visualization with ggplot2, and network analysis. Upcoming workshops include reproducibility and transparent research, qualitative coding with Taguette and R, and a series on professional and academic writing using rrtools, bookdown, and Rmarkdown. We welcome community, industry, and academic collaborators to expand our own understandings of data science tools and how to apply them to our own writing, collaborative processes, research methods, and science communication to varied audiences. 

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We look forward to seeing you at future workshops and events! We also welcome suggestions and feedback for topics to explore in our working group.