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B.A., Anthropology & Sociology, Geology, Lafayette College, 2015
M.A., Anthropology, University of Washington, 2017


Courses Taught

Spring 2022

Additional Courses

In Fall 2021, I am teaching Sugpiaq (Pre)History at Alaska Pacific University. The course is sponsored by Chugachmiut Inc. and the Alutiiq Museum.

I teach with the Interdisciplinary Writing Program, instructing writing courses that are linked with anthropology or environmental studies lectures.

Autumn 2017: ENGL 198J (linked with ANTH 101)

Winter 2018: ENGL 298E (linked with ANTH 228)

Autumn 2018: ENGL 298G (linked with ANTH 215)

Winter 2019: ENGL 298B (linked with ANTH 228)

Autumn 2020: ENGL 199D (linked with ENVIR 100)

Spring 2021: ENGL 296A (Critical Literacy in the Natural Sciences)


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Quaternary Research Center, Affiliate Member

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