Devon G. Peña (He/him/his)

Sociocultural Anthropology

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I continue to be involved in several participatory action research (PAR) projects trelated to the protection of the acequia farming communities of the Upper Rio Grance watershed. This includes continuing work to implement and amplify the 2009 "Colorado Acequia Recognition Law." I continue my own work as a farmer, seed-saver, plant-breeder, and philanthropist. I do this through my family's non-profit educational and research foundation, The Acequia Institute. The Institute is located on a 200-acre acequia farm in the San Acacio bottom lands and on the historic San Luis Peoples Ditch in southern Colorado. We live and work at the farm during the irrigation to harvest cycle every year and continue with applied projects in restoration ecology, permaculture, shifting mosaics of annual-perennial polycultures, and plant-breeding and seed-saving programs for the conservation of the genomic diversity and integrity of local land race heirloom varieties of the "Three Sisters" - corn, beans, and squash in the Upper Rio Grande headwaters bioregion."


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