SAFS American Samoa: Present-day and Ancient Connections Between Island Societies and Local Ecosystems

Pago Pago
American Samoa
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This program explores the intersections between Indigenous and western science about fish and the reef in Samoa. Students will learn about coral reef fish ecology, and the connections between Pacific Islander Culture and the marine environment, from a variety of knowledge sources, including Samoan cultural forms, such as dance, song, and the language, that carry intergenerational science about the fish and reef, as well as from biological field studies on the reef itself. Ethics and building respectful partnerships is a central feature of this program. Kiana Fuega will coordinate the community engagement portions of our group learning with emphasis on protocols of respect, reciprocity, and relationship building. Marieke Sudek of the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa will coordinate the reef-based learning and survey activities.

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