Anthropology Rome: The Culture and Politics of Food in Italy

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Spring 2022

The UW Rome Center is located in the historic center of Rome on the Campo de' Fiori, which is also the site of a daily fruit and produce market. The market will be the starting point for an examination of the organization, politics, economy, and culture of the local food system. From there, we will further our investigation at increasing scales of analysis: the city of Rome, the nation of Italy, the European Union, and the globe. We will also take advantage of the proximity of the world headquarters of the UN FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) by attending World Food Day activities on October 16th and learning about how issues such as global hunger are being debated at the center of global food governance. The program activities will primarily take place in Rome but will also include two farm stays: (1) A farm stay at Suzie's Yard, an organic farm outside of Cetona in Tuscany where we will be participating in either the wine or the olive oil harvest. (2) A second farm stay will be at Casa Caponetti near the town of Tuscania two hours travel from Rome. The program fees include membership to WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities in Organic Farming) so that we would be in compliance with Italian law for participation in the fields.

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