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Commencement season each year marks the point when students prepare to move on from the temporary home they have made at the UW. This spring, UW Anthropology faculty, staff, and students are preparing to move from the department’s temporary home in Condon Hall, back to a newly renovated Denny Hall, where we invite you to come visit us this fall. As anthropologists steeped in a discipline built around the importance of field-based research, we understand that temporary displacements, while... Read more
The Marshallese community in Oregon hosted a Republic of the Marshall Islands-US Nuclear Legacy Summit over the Memorial Day weekend as part of its annual RMI Constitution Day celebrations. Featured on Marshall Islands Journal 
Vita Vea
Challenging perceptions about the academic contributions of men of color and student athletes. Featured on The Burke Museum  
An ancient butchering site seemed to settle a debate about when humans spread across the Americas but Donald Grayson, professor of anthropology, explains why the dates may be inaccurate. Featured on Nature 
Scuba-diving archaeologists have unearthed artifacts from an ancient butchering site that seem to settle a debate about when humans spread across the Americas. Featured on 
14,550-year-old tools and bones were found in Florida. Donald Grayson, professor of anthropology at the UW, explains one potential problem. Featured on The Washington Post 
The deep, booming voice of Benedict Cumberbatch may seem alluring to some women, but new research suggests that biologically speaking, deep masculine voices are meant to intimidate rivals. Featured on Tech Times 
Four University of Washington professors join 172 other academics as newly elected fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the group announced Wednesday. Featured on UW Today 
UW Awards of Excellence
The University of Washington has announced this year’s Awards of Excellence recipients, several come from the College of Arts & Sciences. Featured on UW Today 
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The UW is ramping up Indigenous learning across campus. Featured on UW Today