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Graham Pruss, University of Washington lecturer, discusses the socioeconomic reasons behind why families live in vehicles. Featured on The Seattle Times 
Crisca Bierwert, an anthropology faculty member, has created an online map of public art by Northwest Native artists. Featured on Crosscut 
Daren Byler (PhD, 2018, Anthropology), a scholar of Uighur culture explains the savior mentality behind the "manner education" in China's Uighur detention camps. Featured on Washington Post 
UW alum and lecturer Graham Pruss lived in an RV for five months as part of the research for his anthropology PhD, and discusses the feelings of unwelcomeness it brought from his community. Featured on CBC 
Photo of Kyle Trembley with a rat on his head
Kyle Trembley, a third year PhD student in sociocultural anthropology was recently awarded a very prestigious and competitive American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) fellowship for his dissertation entitled, "Rattus Hierarchicus: Rats, Caste, Masculinities, and Care in Rajasthan." Kyle will head out to conduct fieldwork in 2020. What brought you to anthropology? When I entered... Read more
Ben Marwick, associate professor in anthropology, talks about container platforms -- standardized computational environments that can be shared and reused. Featured on Nature 
Holly Barker and students examine a textile from Tonga at the Burke Museum.
Holly Barker (far left) and students from her class examine a Tongan ngatu, or tapa cloth, from the Burke Museum collection. Tupou Vaenuku (far right) is able to touch the work without gloves because she is of Tongan heritage. Also pictured are (from left) Nardia Duarte, Melaika Andrike, Fa'aumu Kaimana, and Yvonne Ned. Media credit: Dennis Wise/University of Washington   Christian Sidor clutches a large box as he enters a classroom at the new Burke Museum... Read more
In recent days, reports in certain media outlets have grossly oversimplified and mischaracterized a research paper I published in The Contemporary Pacific entitled, “Unsettling SpongeBob and the Legacies of Violence on... Read more
Recent notable books by UW faculty members explore the legal history of Indigenous nations and the mentoring benefits of fan fiction, and more. Featured on UW News 
Analysis from UW anthropology graduate student, Graham Pruss. Featured on The Conversation