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The completed Angyaaq frame in the Burke, December 2015
In December 2015, Sven Haakanson led an extraordinary month-long program at the Burke Museum which saw part of the main level foyer turned into a work space, smelling sweetly of red cedar, resonating with the rhythmic scraping of wood planes. Sven, students, Burke and UW staff, and curious museum visitors worked together to build a full sized Angyaaq, a twenty-five-foot open boat, in addition to eleven oars. For over a thousand years, Sugpiat peoples across the Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak Island,... Read more
Photo of Dan Grunspan
Anthropology graduate student Dan Grunspan recently made national news with his article, “Males Under-Estimate Academic Performance of Their Female Peers in Undergraduate Biology Classrooms.” Dan did not set out with the goal of demonstrating gender bias among college students. Rather, he was collecting and analyzing data on how students form study groups and how these impact their subsequent grades as part... Read more
Don Grayson, photo by Mary Levin, UW Photography, 2011
On April 28, 2016, Professor Don Grayson delivered the University Faculty Lecture on the topic of “The Extinct Ice Age Mammals of North America,” to a packed house in Kane Hall. In it, he explored the myriad wonders of the extinct mammal fauna of Ice Age North America, questioning whether humans who coexisted with giant sloths, saber-tooth cats, dire wolves, mammoths, and other large mammals in ancient North America may have played a role in their extinction. Drawing on a broad variety of... Read more
Collecting sediment cores from the Airnanang mangrove swamp, Seram Island, Indonesia. (l-r) Lauryl Zenobi, Emily Peterson, Michael Lahallo, Joss Whittaker, Simon Latupapua
Peter Lape: Eastern Indonesia Dr. Peter Lape, accompanied by archaeology graduate students Jenn Huff, Joss Whittaker, and Lauryl Zenobi, and recent PhD Emily Peterson, spent October and November 2015 on an archaeological field survey project on Seram Island and small offshore islets in eastern Indonesia. This collaboration between UW Anthropology and the Indonesian National Archaeology Research Center, is a multi-year project to investigate links between the emergence of... Read more
Sareeta Amrute was awarded a Wenner-Gren Postdoctoral Fellowship to support the final stages of work on her first book, Encoding Race, Encoding Class: Indian IT Workers in Berlin, which will be published by Duke University Press later this year. Holly M. Barker was honored as the recipient of the UW Women's Center "Woman of Courage 2016" award. She is Co-PI on a grant “Unmapping Global Studies: Oceania, Global Indigeneities and the Transformation of... Read more
We would like to take this opportunity to thank those generous donors who contributed to our efforts this past year. We believe that anthropology makes a world of difference and we want you to know that you make a world of difference to us! David AgoadaAnn S. Anagnost, PhD and Mr. John BurgeRobert T. Boyd, PhDDr. Ruth G. BryanCurtis Wienker TrustWilliam S. Dancey, PhD and Ms. Kathleen Reilly DanceyLydia A. DeSantis, PhDLynda M. Emel, PhD and G. Carter Bentley,... Read more
Photo of the central atrium of the Denny Hall interior under construction. Image courtesy Sven Haakanson
Anthropology has been described as an endeavor to make “the strange familiar, and the familiar strange.” But as anthropology department faculty and staff learned on a recent outing, the latter part can apply to architectural renovation as well! In March we were treated to a unique opportunity to explore Denny Hall in the midst of its remodel, and see the most familiar of settings looking very strange indeed. Staff from BNBuilders helped us suit up and led us on a tour through the spaces we have... Read more
Janelle Taylor headshot
Commencement season each year marks the point when students prepare to move on from the temporary home they have made at the UW. This spring, UW Anthropology faculty, staff, and students are preparing to move from the department’s temporary home in Condon Hall, back to a newly renovated Denny Hall, where we invite you to come visit us this fall. As anthropologists steeped in a discipline built around the importance of field-based research, we understand that temporary displacements, while... Read more
The Marshallese community in Oregon hosted a Republic of the Marshall Islands-US Nuclear Legacy Summit over the Memorial Day weekend as part of its annual RMI Constitution Day celebrations. Featured on Marshall Islands Journal 
Vita Vea
Challenging perceptions about the academic contributions of men of color and student athletes. Featured on The Burke Museum