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Screenshot of Perot Museum Tweet "Meet the Scientist" Miguel Ochoa, in English
Miguel Ochoa, who has a bachelor’s from UW Bothell, worked with the Perot Museum of Natural History in Dallas last year to translate their brand-new Homo naledi (South African hominin fossil) exhibit into Spanish. Miguel is currently a PhD student in anthropology at the UW Seattle. He is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and is studying Neandertal locomotion with Professor Patricia Ann Kramer.   There is a critical gap in evolutionary science outreach and literacy, and the concept of human... Read more
Photo of website that documents Coast Salish Public Art Works in King County
A new resource, a website called, “Visible on Ancestral Lands: Coast Salish Public Art Works in King County,” documents the public art created by Coast Salish artists and installed in King County. That is, the art that is permanently installed in public locations for all to see. The website was created by Crisca Bierwert, an Affiliate Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington.   This is a collaborative project. Crisca created the website by working... Read more
Photo of a laptop showing members of the Homo naledi research team interacting with students
By Elen Feuerriegel For some, evolution can be a “hot button” issue — human evolution even more so. Public discourse in the U.S. around evolution is often polarizing and trying to create a meaningful dialogue between scientists and the public within that contentious space is frequently unproductive. Underpinning much of the debate surrounding scientific versus religious explanations of our origins is a lack of understanding about what evolution is and how it happens. Like many scientists, I... Read more
Ryan Robinson likes digging dirt. He’ll dig for hours when the dirt holds clues to the past, as it does at Ҫadır Höyük, an archaeological site in central Turkey. Robinson (BA, Near Eastern Languages & Civilization, Anthropology, 2019), who graduates this month, spent two summers excavating at Ҫadır Höyük, uncovering bones and stone tools dating back 4500 years — all because of a conversation during transfer student orientation. The conversation took place two months before the start of... Read more
Deja Edwards on the floor with toys in the Social Cognitive Development Lab.
"There are people here who will remain an important part of my life," Deja Edwards, above, says of her UW mentors. Media credit: Corinne Thrash Minutes before she was scheduled to present her gender identity research at the 2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium, Deja Edwards wondered whether anyone from her lab would attend. Several people had mentioned they’d try, but most had other obligations. Then came a text: We’re right outside. “That’s when about 20 people from my lab walked into the... Read more
The UW's Graham Pruss has studied vehicle residency for a decade and speaks about the challenges and solutions facing this community.... Read more
Aleezah Ali
To celebrate this year's graduates from the College of Arts & Sciences, student staff in Dean's Office reached out to four graduating seniors, asking what place on campus defined their Husky Experience. Here's what the graduating seniors shared with them.   Neuroscience major Kisho Fukuoka (BS, 2019). Media credit: Rose Reyes Kisho Fukuoka The place: The Health Sciences Building “Here I took my most challenging classes, which deepened my relationship with my faculty and peers.” After... Read more
Sixteen UW students and alumni were awarded Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarships for the 2019-20 academic year, and one has been named an alternate. Featured on UW News 
Professor of Anthropology, Holly Barker, weighs in on the latest findings. Featured on Los Angeles Times 
Patricia Kramer
The Department of Anthropology and the University of Washington celebrates the achievements of our students each spring as many of them graduate and leave our immediate community. With this newsletter, we attempt to do something of the same — share with you, our larger community, the accomplishments of the current members of the Department of Anthropology and our many and far-flung alumni. We also want to take the opportunity to introduce you to new members of our community as a way of... Read more