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Faustine Dufka, wearing a Soulumination T-shirt
The Department of Anthropology Honors Program is gaining a university-wide reputation for offering excellent training, close mentorship, and diverse research experiences. Because the program is limited to 15 students per year, it also offers students a unique, close-knit academic community. Each student participates in professional skills seminars on topics such as proposal writing, and undertakes a yearlong independent research project, either nationally or internationally, which is guided by... Read more
Professor Steve Goodreau welcoming students to career night
The Anthropology department recently hosted the first in a series of new events about careers: “Finding One’s Path in Anthropology: An exploration of career paths for anthropology students after college.” The joyful occasion of graduation can also be a very stressful time for undergraduates, as they try to figure out how to put their acquired knowledge and skills to use in the next stage of their lives. This is especially true for anthropology majors, since a bachelor’s degree in anthropology... Read more
Many of us are familiar with the fact that the age of our parents when they conceive us may have a host of consequences in our later lives. But did you know that having an older father—and indeed, having an older grandfather—may bestow genetic advantages for a longer, healthier life? This is the startling finding that professor Dan Eisenberg, newly hired by the department, uncovered in his recent research. Dan was a graduate student at Northwestern University when he first got involved in... Read more
Tony with Indian colleagues at the 24th International Papillomavirus Conference, Beijing, 2007
Tony Cagle (PhD in Archaeology, 2001) fell into public health research by accident, having secured a position with King County Public Health in 1990 to support himself through the dissertation process. He ended up staying there until 2005—four years after obtaining his PhD in archaeology—and moved on to a few grant-funded positions over the next several years with various agencies. Most of these had a global health focus, notably a multisite cervical cancer-screening project in China and India... Read more
Peter Moran at Taklung Gon, central Tibet
Although Peter Moran (PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology, 1998) majored in anthropology as an undergraduate, it wasn’t until his junior year when he spent a semester in Nepal that he began to understand what much of the discipline was about. He realized that culture was not somewhere else, carried by “exotic” others, but right at home—if he only had eyes and ears to see and hear it in customs, beliefs, and the subtleties of language. That study abroad experience propelled him to return to Nepal... Read more
Michelle Barry
As President and CEO of Centric Brand Anthropology, Michelle Barry (PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology, 2004) uses her anthropology training to lead projects aimed at better understanding how people relate to companies, products and experiences, and what they value. The Seattle-based strategy and design studio translates those findings into concepts that companies, like regional grocery store chains, restaurants or global manufacturers, can put into practice, such as new food experiences, retail... Read more
Entrance to Debre Marcos Zonal Hospital, a major hospital in Ethiopia
With a strong commitment to applied anthropology, Letitia Reason (PhD in Biocultural Anthropology, 2002) was one of the early students to foray into the pairing of biocultural anthropology and global health. Because she had interests in HIV/AIDS and other diseases, the pursuit of an MPH seemed like a good complement to her PhD in anthropology. Soon after graduation, Letitia was hired by the Battelle Center for Public Health Research and Evaluation. She worked in Zimbabwe implementing and... Read more
Karma Norman on a NOAA research vessel
Karma Norman’s career as an anthropologist is the result of both an extended fishing expedition and a shifting tide in the management of U.S. coasts and marine life. Working as an anthropologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Karma (PhD in Environmental Anthropology, 2007) was hired as the Center’s first anthropologist, after having just returned to Seattle from a year of dissertation fieldwork in the Pacific. He quickly... Read more
An anthropologist at NOAA's Northwest Fisheries Science Center. The head of a Seattle-based strategy and design studio.Specialists working on global health issues in developling countries. The director of the UW's Office of International Programs and Exchanges. What do all these Anthropology alumni have in common? Their anthropology degree has informed their career choices. Karma Norman’s career as an anthropologist is the result of both an extended fishing expedition and a shifting... Read more
Holly Barker with MA Student, Alvin Logan
Congratulations to Holly Barker, Lecturer in Anthropology, winner of the University of Washington 2013 Distinguished Teaching Award! This award is given to only a few faculty members each year. Since 1988, when Holly first went to the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) as a Peace Corps volunteer, she has spent much of her life working with Marshallese people both in Micronesia and the United States. Her research focuses on the history of the U.S. nuclear testing program in the RMI and the... Read more