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Take a look back at the last year of the UW's research of and adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Featured on UW News 
It feels like the pandemic is changing everything, but as vaccine rollout progresses and we squint at what appears to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, the question to ask now is whether any real changes we’ve had to adopt during a year of pandemic life will stick around in the years to come. The UW’s Steve Goodreau, professor of anthropology, and Fabio Ghironi, professor of economics, are quoted.... Read more
Ian Kretzler, a Ph.D. anthropology graduate, and Samson Jenekhe, professor of chemical engineering and chemistry, have been recently awarded honors. Featured on UW News 
Ancient food scraps found at Australia’s earliest site of human occupation, in the Kakadu region of the Northern Territory, are helping researchers generate rainfall records dating back 65,000 years. A new study led by the University of Queensland and involving the University of Washington provides a glimpse into the region’s climate at the time when people first entered the Australian continent from the north.... Read more
The article recounts the story of the Donner Party and asks the reader to imagine being part of the doomed trek. Donald Grayson, professor emeritus of anthropology at the UW, is quoted. Featured on Wired 
Our primate ancestors might have become “protomusical” to advertise their ability to perform death-defying leaps from tree to tree. David Schruth, a postdoctoral researcher in anthropology at the UW, is referenced. Featured on New Scientist 
College of Arts & Sciences Dean Stacey explains that there is an important civic, political, social, and cultural element to an education and that you can get that in a wide variety of majors. Featured on 
Interested in the College of Arts & Sciences but don’t know what to study? Here are six majors that you may not have discovered yet. Featured on The Daily 
At its final colloquium, the Henry Art Gallery invites academics from the UW and other institutions "to think beyond species." Featured on The Daily 
New research reveals significant changes to the circulation of the North Pacific and its impact on the initial migration of humans from Asia to North America. Featured on UW News