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The UW Anthropology Club is coming back to life! Hanna Dinh, a graduating senior majoring in Medical Anthropology and Global Health, is spearheading its progression with the support of Chair Janelle Taylor, and the anthropology undergraduate advisers, Joni Marts and Diane Guerra. The goal is to create a cohesive community of enthusiastic anthropology students (both undergraduate and graduate) from different disciplines in providing further opportunities and enrichment of the... Read more
S.T.A.R. Conference poster
On May 16, graduate students, faculty, and staff came together for the STAR Conference (Show and Tell: Anthropological Research), which took place in the Husky Union Building. With help from the graduate program administrators, a team of graduate students from all three sub-disciplines organized a day of graduate student presentations to facilitate connections and provide a space for spirited conversation. From addiction in Ukraine to paleopopulation census records, the topics covered in the... Read more
Roy Webb Memorial Research Commons
Last spring our chair received an inquiry from Pat Landow, a retired physician living in Connecticut. Pat was seeking information about the library that had been established in the Department of Anthropology in the 1950s in memory of her elder brother, Roy Webb, an enthusiastic UW anthropology student who died at a tragically young age. When first established, the Roy Webb Library housed many books and journals on the fourth floor of Denny Hall. The advent of computers and online library tools... Read more
Self Defense brigade
This past winter I found myself living in the epicenter of a political revolution. I was ten months into a fourteen-month dissertation project on internationally funded drug treatment programs in Ukraine. Though I was based in the capital city of Kyiv, my research took me all over the country—from rural cities along the Polish border to major ports onthe Crimean coast. At the end of November, however, my research site contracted dramatically, and my only focus was a handful of city blocks in... Read more
Janelle Taylor headshot
As people with an interest in human life in all its diversity, anthropologists have always been fascinated by how communities reproduce themselves, not only through procreation and birth, but also through the recruitment and incorporation of new members—processes that always entail continuity and transformation. This year, we are delighted to see the UW anthropology community renewed and transformed by an infusion of new people, bringing remarkable new talents and energies. First and foremost,... Read more
tensor field map
The Digital Archaeology Research Lab aims to engage in original research aimed at advancing the use digital technology and information in archaeology. We promote the development of Archaeological Information Science (AISc), an emerging field that results from the intersection of Archaeology with Computer and Information Science, Engineering and Mathematics. Read more about the DigAR lab.
Faustine Dufka, wearing a Soulumination T-shirt
Faustine Dufka’s senior research project, “The Memory You are Left With,” looks at the role of remembrance photography in the process of mourning perinatal, neonatal, and infant death. The research is based on 18 months of volunteer work with the Seattle-based organization Soulumination, which provides free photographic services to families with children under 18 facing life-threatening illnesses. She became interested in this topic after taking a class with Professor Emeritus James Green... Read more
As engaging as anthropology courses on campus may be, nothing beats having a field experience. The department offers plenty of field opportunities for students, from an archeaology field school to study abroad courses. This issue of Anthropolog highlights three current Anthropology offerings: exploration seminars in Tahiti and South Africa, and a new agroecology and permaculture field school on a Colorado farm. Professor Devon G. Peña teaches popular classes on agroecology, the... Read more
Rancho Dos Acequias
Professor Devon G. Peña teaches popular classes on agroecology, the anthropology of food, and food justice movements. Peña brings a unique perspective to these subjects, as both an academic and a practicing farmer. A hands-in-the-dirt, drive-a-tractor, flood-irrigate, and pull-out-the-weeds-by-hand-or-hoe biodynamic farmer. Each year he goes to the family’s 200-acre Rocky Mountain farm where he produces hay and heirloom native corn, bean, squash, and pumpkin crops on a historic acequia farm... Read more
Clarissa Surek-Clark (right), with her former student Mpumelelo Ntshangase
From August 27 to September 20, 2013, Associate Professor Laada Bilaniuk will join linguistics Lecturer Clarissa Surek-Clark in leading an exploration seminar to Johannesburg, Durban, and Zululand in South Africa. This seminar aims to advance students’ knowledge of the politics of multilingualism, language contact and variation, and language and identity in South Africa. The country is home to eleven official languages, making it a perfect site for studying multilingual issues. The program... Read more