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Muslim-American parents are finding that keeping their children’s faith experience joyful is becoming a more challenging task. Michael Perez, lecturer in anthropology at the UW, is quoted. Featured on The Washington Post 
The UW Chamber Singers rehearse Handel's Messiah.
Julie Stein and the Burke Museum go way back. Thirty five years ago, as a newly hired UW assistant professor of anthropology, Stein served as an adjunct curator at the museum. Ten years later she became curator of archaeology. In 2005, she was selected as the Burke’s executive director — a position she still holds. "I hope people feel more connected to the world around them after visiting the Burke,"... Read more
We would like to take this opportunity to thank those generous donors who contributed to our efforts this past year. We believe that anthropology makes a world of difference and we want you to know that you make a world of difference to us! Mr. David AgoadaAmerican Council of Learned SocietiesProf. Ann S. Anagnost and Mr. John BurgeMr. Jefferey L. BabautaProf. Jean-Loup Baer and Dr. Diane S. BaerMs. Diane E. BarryMs. Shelly R. BossermanRobert T. Boyd, PhDDr... Read more
Ann Anagnost is co-editor (with Lucy Jarosz in Geography) of a new UW Press book series called Food, People, Planet. The series publishes scholarly work that critiques the large-scale social inequities and environmental damage produced by international food production and distribution. Dan Eisenberg’s research on dopamine receptors was highlighted in a New York Times ... Read more
David Carlson, Jake Deppen
GRADUATE STUDENTS Will Brown received an NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant for his project, “Detecting Epidemiologic Transitions in Pre-Contact Kodiak.” The work involves joining statistical paleodemographic modeling and recording the prevalence of parasites in archaeological middens to better understand the population history of Kodiak Island, Alaska over the past 6,000 years. Darren Byler’s work was featured in a ... Read more
Many people in the Seattle area have heard of Danny Shelton, the first team All-American Husky football player who, as a graduating senior was just drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the NFL draft. Danny is not only an exceptional football player; he is also first team, All-American academic team, the first Husky to... Read more
Last April, over 40 anthropology students, along with Department Chair Janelle Taylor, Director of Student Services Diane Guerra, and Academic Advisor Joni Marts, convened for an inaugural meeting to resurrect the University of Washington anthropology club. At this meeting, students expressed a desire for increased opportunities for social and academic networking, in order to transform a collection of students who are studying anthropology into a community of engaged and involved... Read more
Every year, thousands of students take courses in anthropology at UW. For most, this brief exploration into the many diverse ways of being human becomes part of their overall education as, we hope, thoughtful and well-informed fellow citizens. For several hundred students, this first course leads to many others, and to a major or minor in anthropology. For a small number it may eventually lead to graduate study and a PhD in anthropology. One of the students who took Anthropology 100 at UW in... Read more
Professor Sasha Welland
As its six cross-listings might suggest — ANTH 328 / GWSS 328 / JSIS 328 / ANTH 528 / GWSS 528 / JSIS 528 — Gender and Sexuality in China is no ordinary class. This past winter, Professor Sasha Welland set out to teach a course spanning from dynastic China up to present day, from Chinese women’s political tracts and activism in the early 1900s, to men’s writings on same-sex love and desires in early-to-mid-twentieth-century China, to gender queries posed by the contemporary... Read more
Bettina Shell Duncan
The Atlantic recently published an excellent interview with Bettina Shell Duncan, professor in the Biocultural Anthropology Program about her research of the past two decades on female genital cutting (FGC), known also as female genital mutilation or female circumcision. Duncan recently joined a research consortium that has been awarded $13 million by the UK’s... Read more