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Aleezah Ali
To celebrate this year's graduates from the College of Arts & Sciences, student staff in Dean's Office reached out to four graduating seniors, asking what place on campus defined their Husky Experience. Here's what the graduating seniors shared with them.   Neuroscience major Kisho Fukuoka (BS, 2019). Media credit: Rose Reyes Kisho Fukuoka The place: The Health Sciences Building “Here I took my most challenging classes, which deepened my relationship with my faculty and peers.” After... Read more
Sixteen UW students and alumni were awarded Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarships for the 2019-20 academic year, and one has been named an alternate. Featured on UW News 
Professor of Anthropology, Holly Barker, weighs in on the latest findings. Featured on Los Angeles Times 
Patricia Kramer
The Department of Anthropology and the University of Washington celebrates the achievements of our students each spring as many of them graduate and leave our immediate community. With this newsletter, we attempt to do something of the same — share with you, our larger community, the accomplishments of the current members of the Department of Anthropology and our many and far-flung alumni. We also want to take the opportunity to introduce you to new members of our community as a way of... Read more
Photo of Jennifer J.Carroll
Jennifer J. Carroll completed her PhD in anthropology in 2015, and this spring her first book, Narkomania, Drugs, HIV, and Citizenship in Ukraine, is out through Cornell University Press. Jennifer is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Elon University and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine at Brown University.  What brought you to anthropology? 20... Read more
Dan Eisenberg, Associate Professor of Anthropology, weighs in on the effects of paternal age in offspring. ... Read more
Photo of Ben Hanowell
Ben Hanowell is an anthropologist, data analyst, and quantitative modeler. His research and entrepreneurship has been funded by the National Science Foundation, National Institute for Child Health and Development, a Fulbright Scholarship, and After getting his Masters in Biocultural Anthropology at the UW and almost completing a PhD in the same, he has worked as a data scientist for five years at companies including Redfin, A Place for Mom, AWS, and Amazon. ... Read more
The grant supports public-facing humanities projects, and Professor Jenna Grant will receive $10,000 for public engagement around the Becker Archive at the UW. Featured on 
Professor of anthropology Darren Byler is quoted in this article talking about the treatment of the Uighur community by the Chinese government.... Read more
A new project by Jenna Grant, UW assistant professor of anthropology, uses archives of photos and documents to encourage storytelling in local Cambodian communities. Featured on UW News