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Staff John Cady, anthropology department fiscal coordinator for the last 16 years, has accepted a new position in the Dean’s Office to help with the coming transition to Workday Financials. UW has determined Workday Financials will provide the best available platform to support its business objectives for Finance Transformation. After 20 years with the Department of Anthropology and some 30 years at the University of Washington, Michael Caputi... Read more
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I designed the course Visuality and Medicine to introduce students in the Department of Anthropology — particularly those in Medical Anthropology and Global Health (MAGH) — to insights from critical visual studies and science and technology studies regarding visuality. What is visuality? It is a strange term, so we address it together on the first day of class. I think of visuality as quite simply anything that has to do with the visual: images, seeing, being seen. It is important to medicine... Read more website homepage
The COVID pandemic has helped us appreciate the “essential workers” and shone a light on just how many different kinds of essential health care workers there are. Even then, our health system is so complex that there are still many you may not even know about. It’s now the job of Associate Teaching Professor Marieke van Eijk to share the stories of one of those types of workers: health insurance navigators. These are the people who help others through the complicated world of obtaining,... Read more
Dimas Romadhon sitting on a railing in Aceh Indonesia
Photo caption: Dimas Romadhon sitting on railing in Aceh, Indonesia Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, medical anthropology doctoral student Dimas Iqbal Romadhon had already been studying infectious disease outbreaks and vaccinations in Indonesia. In fact, he spent the summer of 2019 in East Java and Aceh, Indonesia gathering ethnographic information about measles and rubella (MR) vaccine refusal. COVID-19 changed the whole landscape. Not only was Dimas unable to safely travel to Indonesia for... Read more
Social scientists are well equipped to challenge, contribute to, and transform pressing social issues of high impact. Many of us have skills in making nuanced evaluations, collaborating with community stakeholders, and bringing interdisciplinary perspectives to the fore. However, we can potentially amplify our methods, analysis, and dissemination of research using data science toolkits, broadly defined. This is why we created Anthro Data Science, an informal collaborative working group based in... Read more
Rodrigo Solinis-Casparius is the recipient of the very prestigious Premio Alfonso Caso from the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) of México for the best PhD archaeology dissertation undertaken in México for his dissertation entitled, "The Role of Road Systems in Social Definition and Integration." Rodrigo’s dissertation focuses on the... Read more
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In Fall 2019 Reuters Top 100: The World’s Most Innovative Universities with The University of Washington listed at no. 5. Additionally, the University of Washington maintained its no. 10 spot on the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Global Universities rankings, released Fall 2019. The UW is ranked no. 2 among U.S. public institutions. These are wonderful honors for our university, but how do our faculty and alumni fair? In October 2020,... Read more
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We are honored to announce the creation of the Sam Dubal Endowed Fellowship at the University of Washington. This fellowship is intended to honor Sam’s legacy; it was generously endowed by the Dubal family and over 400 donors mourning Sam’s loss after he disappeared while on a hike on Mt. Rainier in October 2020. Professor Dubal joined the department in September 2020 after receiving a Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology in 2015 from the joint program at the University of California Berkeley (where... Read more
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Dear friends of UW Anthropology, Each spring, the Department of Anthropology and the UW celebrates the achievements of our students as many of them graduate and leave our immediate community. For years we had joyous in-person commencements with the hugs and shouted encouragements of family and friends, but then the pandemic arrived. Now, our cherished traditions seem remote — pun intended; I’m trying to be upbeat as we face another round of goodbyes from afar. Our students and alumni remain... Read more
This week is Nuclear Remembrance Week, a virtual forum to commemorate the 67th anniversary of “Bravo” being tested in the Marshall Islands. Members of Spokane's Marshallese community share their stories. Holly Barker, a teaching professor of anthropology at the UW, is quoted. Featured on The Spokesman-Review