A Difficult Journey Inspires Action

Yasmin Habib standing in front of a red brick wall outside her office building.
Yasmin Habib

“I felt children needed to feel a sense of belonging, to celebrate their cultural heritage, and to discover that they can thrive and make a difference in their own communities,” says Yasmin Habib, outside the WMCA office in South Seattle.
Media credit: Corinne Thrash


Yasmin Habib has been on many journeys. From Somalia to Kenya as a small child. From a Kenyan refugee camp to the US at age five. From city to city as her family sought opportunities in America. But Habib’s most challenging journey has been veering from the path expected of her — a career in medicine — to a path that felt right to her.

Today Habib (BA, Anthropology, 2014) is founder and...

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