For Burke Curators, a Dual Role

Holly Barker and students examine a textile from Tonga at the Burke Museum.
Holly Barker and her students at the Burke Museum.

Holly Barker (far left) and students from her class examine a Tongan ngatu, or tapa cloth, from the Burke Museum collection. Tupou Vaenuku (far right) is able to touch the work without gloves because she is of Tongan heritage. Also pictured are (from left) Nardia Duarte, Melaika Andrike, Fa'aumu Kaimana, and Yvonne Ned.
Media credit: Dennis Wise/University of Washington


Christian Sidor clutches a large box as he enters a classroom at the new Burke Museum. He’s about to teach his vertebrate paleontology course, and the box holds a valuable specimen from the Burke’s paleontology collection: a fossilized amphibian skull from the Triassic Period....

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