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Age old question students of anthropology are asked, is “what can you do with that?” — as an anthropologist, I’d posit (and the jury is in) that you can do just about anything your imagination can envision.

Anthropologists completing degrees at every level are trained in — written communication, analytical and critical skills, the ability to gather, assess and interpret data, oral communication and presentation skills, time management, discussion and group work skills, statistical and computing techniques, clear, logical and independent thinking, organising and planning, problem-solving, and the ability to construct an argument — a wide array of transferable skills.

Research has shown that mentoring for career success, especially underrepresented minority students and professionals, is successful in support of the mentees long term goals. Additionally, it’s shown to be rewarding to the mentors.

To aid UW Anthropology students in exploring educational and career opportunities, we have started a mentoring network comprised of UW Anthropology alumni, including many who live and work in the Seattle area. Our mentors have valuable and unique experiences and perspectives that can benefit current students, especially those hoping to gain insights from professional anthropologists pursuing a variety of academic and non-academic careers.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, and willing to talk and share about your experiences with current students at every level, please contact Catherine Zeigler at czeigler@uw.edu

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