Culture Resource Management (CRM) Careers

Photo of Denny Hall 313, on April 26th featuring tables with students and consultants in discussion
Photo by Sara Gonzalez

Traditionally, the University of Washington Anthropology Department hosts a guest lecturer to discuss their research at the Friday Afternoon Archaeology Lecture Series (FAALS). However, on Friday, April 26, 2019, thanks to the tireless work of Jack Johnson, UW students had the opportunity to meet with several Cultural Resource Management (CRM) companies to pursue careers or summer jobs in private archaeology. Among the invited companies were Cultural Resource Consultants, Environmental Science Associates, Equinox Research and Consulting, Perteet, Willamette CRA, ESA, Historical Research Associates, INC,  Tierra Right of Way Services, and others. Breaking from the trend of presentations followed by questions, potential employers briefly introduced themselves and then took places at stations around the room.  Students met with company representatives on a more personal basis, learning more about upcoming projects and sharing resumes and business cards. Turnout was high for the event, and attracted graduates and undergraduates alike from archeology and disciplines such as museology. These types of career development events are key in making connections to the professional side of archaeology, and as the private sector is the number one source of jobs for field technicians these events offer face-to-face time between potential workers and employers.

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