World Anthropology Day is February 16th! 

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World Anthropology Day
World Anthropology Day

World Anthropology Day is a day for anthropologists to celebrate and participate in their discipline with the public around them. Anthropologists are innovators and creative thinkers who contribute to every industry. Help us celebrate what anthropology is and what it can achieve by hosting an event in your community, on your campus or in your workplace:

Students, faculty and staff have an opportunity to share their work, interests, and impacts with the department, other students, and our wider UW community. 
Events  scheduled: 
11:30 AM in DEN M221: Caroline Hartse - Yama: A Transnational Japanese American Community on Bainbridge Island
12:30 PM in DEN M221: Undergrad presentation
12:30 PM in Alder Hall Auditorium: Food Equity and Population Health Seminar: "Cities and Food”
12:30 PM in HUB 214: Preserving the Past Together Seminar Series -Workshop 2: Meaningful Collaboration and Indigenous Archaeologies (FULL)
1:30 PM in DEN 303: Grad Student Film Screening
2:30 PM in DEN 210: Primatology Panel
2:30 PM in DEN 303: Undergrad Film Screening
3:30 PM in CMU 230: Job Talk: Aimee Bahng- A Transpacific Undercommons: Feminist, Decolonial Materialisms and Atomic Afterlives
3:30 PM in THO 317: Bhrigupati Singh- Poverty and the Quest for Life: Spiritual and Material Striving in Contemporary India
4:00 PM in CMU 120: Sidonie Smith: Transforming Doctoral Education in Good Enough Times
4:30 PM in DEN 110: Trivia
4:30 PM in GNOM s-110: Genomics Salon XIV: CSI Genomics
4:30 PM in HUB 145: Preserving the Past Together - Keynote Lecture: "Let us Rebury Our Dead: Native America’s Necessary and Imperfect Law”
If you have qusetions or concerns, feel free to contact Aparajeeta "Sasha" Duttchoudhury at