Stevan Harrell’s edited volume “Transforming Patriarchy, Chinese Families in the Twenty-First Century,” is out now.

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Book cover of “Transforming Patriarchy, Chinese Families in the Twenty-First Century”

Transforming Patriarchy, Chinese Families in the Twenty-First Century,” a new edited volume by Goncalo Santos, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Hong Kong and Stevan Harrell, professor of anthropology and environmental and forest sciences at the University of Washington, is out now through the University of Washington Press.

The book description on the University of Washington Press website, describes the book as “Drawing on a multitude of sources and perspectives, this volume turns to the intimate territory of the family to challenge prevailing scholarly assumptions about gender and generational hierarchies in Chinese society. Case studies examine factors such as social class, geography, and globalization as they relate to patriarchal practice and resistance to it. The contributors bring the concept of patriarchy back to the heart of China studies while rethinking its significance in dominant Western-centric theories of modernity.”

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