2015 Donors | Spring 2016

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those generous donors who contributed to our efforts this past year. We believe that anthropology makes a world of difference and we want you to know that you make a world of difference to us!

David Agoada
Ann S. Anagnost, PhD and Mr. John Burge
Robert T. Boyd, PhD
Dr. Ruth G. Bryan
Curtis Wienker Trust
William S. Dancey, PhD and Ms. Kathleen Reilly Dancey
Lydia A. DeSantis, PhD
Lynda M. Emel, PhD and G. Carter Bentley, PhD
Lawrence Epstein, PhD and Mrs. Michiko H. Epstein
Ms. Stephanie E. Faulkner and Mr. Lance Faulkner
J. Benjamin Fitzhugh, PhD and Laada Myroslava Bilaniuk, PhD
Mr. Dennis M. Fleck and Ms. Janet M. Fleck
Ms. Jacqueline G. Franck
Mr. David M. Freeman and Ms. Rita D. Freeman
Mr. Jason T. Froggatt and Ms. Wendy M. Lister
Ms. Yunqi Fu
Ms. Patricia B. Fuqua
Dr. C. Jill Grady
Stevan Harrell, PhD and Barbara B. Harrell, MD
Ms. Julia A. Hecht and Mr. Kenneth James Walkky
Ms. Pamelia S. Hilty
Ms. Joanne K. Hoover
John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
Ms. Gail J. Konen and Mr. Robert B. Konen
Dr. Patricia A. Kramer and Mr. Brian J. Kramer
Ms. Helen C. Kramer
Dr. Peter V. Lape and Ms. Charlotte F. Spang
Donna Lockwood Leonetti, PhD and Mr. Frank Alexander Leonetti
Ms. Paula D. Lindsay
Kimberley Lucas, PhD
Mr. Philip R. Mallinson and Ms. Jane N. P. Mallinson
Mr. Christopher O. Martin
Ms. Ellen K. Maxson
Ms. Carolyn J. McBride
Merck Company Foundation
Dr. Felix V. Moos
Philip L. Newman, PhD and Ms. Jean-Ann Newman
Ms. Erin A. O'Mara
Andrew Fergus Olshan, PhD and Linda Charlotte Levitch, PhD
Richard S. Pelman, MD and Sally Browning, MD
Jane W. Peterson, PhD
Dr. Vincent F. Phillips
Dr. Karen A. Porter
Prof. Wilhelmina C. Savenye and Mr. Joseph Springer
Mr. Gerald F. Schroedl
Edmund Q. Searles, PhD and Michelle C. Johnson, PhD
Ms. Janet K. Sears
Ms. Sharron P. Sellers and The Honorable Marlin J. Appelwick
Mr. Sam J. Senturia and Prof. Kirsten Senturia
Ms. Carolyn Sheu and Mr. Sherman H. Chang
Ms. Linda D. Siebert and Joseph Robert Siebert, PhD
Joyce E. Sirianni, PhD
State of Washington
Mr. Carl W. Stixrood and Ms. Anne B. Stixrood
Janelle S. Taylor, PhD and Prof. Michael A. Rosenthal
Mr. Mark C. Terry and Ms. Catherine B. Terry
Ms. Sarah Thomas and Mr. Sean Williams
Mrs. Marcia R. Trujillo and Prof. Edward M. Trujillo
Cathy V. Tuttle, PhD
Ms. Linda S. Venters and Wayne B. Venters, PhD
Ms. Yelena Voronin
Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research
Curtis W. Wienker, PhD
Ann R. Wood, PhD
Mrs. Peggy W. Yeager and Mr. Philip W. Yeager
Ms. Catherine M. Zeigler

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