Joni Marts Returns to the Anthropology Advising Office

Joni Marts
Joni Marts

The Department of Anthropology has a new adviser, and she is someone you may have met before! Joni Marts has rejoined our advising staff after a two-year absence in the wake of a 2009 budget-cut layoff.

Although Joni has been away from the Department of Anthropology, she has not been away from the UW advising arena. Since the layoff she has spent her time advising in the Jackson School of International Studies in the mornings, and continues to do so before her current afternoon schedule in Anthropology. In International Studies, Joni advises within the seven International Studies majors as well as the 13 minors. “Working in both departments is a perfect blend,” Joni says. “There are strong interdisciplinary elements in both International Studies and Anthropology, and many of our faculty teach in both areas. In fact, International Studies includes many anthropology courses as part of their degree requirements.”

Joni is excited about the formalization of the Medical Anthropology and Globalization track in anthropology. “The MAGH track was becoming increasingly popular when I left anthropology and now it’s great to see how many students recognize the value of these degrees for post-graduation employment opportunities!”

One thing remains steadfast in Joni’s thinking, namely the importance of college advising as an academic process. “Students today are facing exceptional pressure to perform well academically in a stressed economic climate. Coordinated planning has become essential for successful degree completion and advisers are vital in that planning. I love working with students to help create a solid and steady pathway throughout their university experience.”


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