Student | Alumni News 2012

Recent Graduates: New Jobs and Post-Docs

Shelby Anderson, Ph.D. 2011, is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Portland State University.

Tami Blumenfield, Ph.D. 2010, has just accepted the position of James B. Duke Assistant Professor of Asian Studies at Furman University.

Sara Jo Breslow, Ph.D. 2011, has a one-year position as the George S. Mickelson Memorial Western Governors' Association Fellow in Olympia.

Tuyen Doan, Ph.D. 2011, is a researcher at the Institute of Cultural Studies, an institute of the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities, in Hanoi.

Jessica Johnson, Ph.D. 2010, is a Visiting Lecturer in Women’s Studies at Florida International University.

Leah Koskimaki, Ph.D. 2011, has a postdoctoral fellowship in "Provincial Globalisation: The Impact of Reverse Transnational Flows in India's Regional Towns" at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research. 

Teresa Mares, Ph.D. 2010, is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Vermont. 

Lisa Meierotto, Ph.D. 2009, is an Instructor of Anthropology and Sociology at the College of Idaho.

Chung-Ching Shiung, Ph.D. 2012, is a Lecturer (equivalent to an Assistant Professor in the U.S.) at the School of Sociology and Anthropology at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China. 

Megan Styles, Ph.D. 2011, has a postdoctoral teaching fellow in the UW Program on the Environment, and is also a part-time advisor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literature.

Hang Truong, Ph.D. 2011, is a full-time lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University in Hochiminh City. 

Anusorn Unno, Ph.D. 2011, is a Professor at Thammasart University, Thailand.

Catherine Foster West, Ph.D. 2009, is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Climate Change at the University of Maine.

 Graduate Students: Grants, Fellowships and Other Awards

Rob Allen is a Project for Interdisciplinary Pedagogy Fellow at UW Bothell.

Hilary Bethancourt received an NSF graduate research fellowship, which will support her research on how trends in childhood growth, reproductive development, and health status are influenced by modern diets, lifestyles, and environmental and psychosocial stressors.

Roxanne Brame received an IIE Graduate Fellowship and an AIMS (American Institute for Maghrib Studies) grant for dissertation research on “Consuming Culture in Marrakesh: Authenticity and Desire in the ‘Traditional’ Bathhouse.”

Darren Byler received a Foreign Languages and Area Studies Fellowship for 2011-12. He also was accepted to the Cultural Anthropology Editorial Intern Program.

Jen Carroll’s research competency paper, entitled "Addiction, Gender, and the Limits of Public Health Responses to IV Drug Use in Ukraine," was awarded the 2011 prize for Best Graduate Student Paper by the AIDS and Anthropology Research Group, and was given honorable mention in the 2011 Best Graduate Student Paper by the Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Study Group.

Alejandro Cerón received a SSRC/ACLS International Dissertation Research Fellowship and a Wenner-Gren Foundation Dissertation Research Grant to do ethnographic fieldwork in Guatemala looking at the intersections between epidemiology and the right to health.

Benjamin Chabot-Hanowell received an NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant for research on human behavioral ecology of social inequality in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Tara Hayes Constant received funding from an NICHD grant at CSDE to conduct research in northern Peru with women about their thoughts and perceptions of breast cancer and screening.

Damarys Espinoza received a Global Health Opportunities Fellowship from the University of Washington’s Department of Global Health and a Chester Fritz Fellowship. Both fellowships funded the last phase of her dissertation research in Peru, where for the past three years she has been collaborating with family and sexual violence shelters.

David Giles received a fellowship through the Simpson Center Society of Scholars towards collaboration within an interdisciplinary intellectual community in the completion of his dissertation on dumpster diving, decentralized social networks, and anarchist soup kitchens.

 Marlaine Figueroa Gray received an Ottenburg-Winans Fellowship and a Thomas-Francis Fellowship for dissertation research on how young Mozambican women creatively use their identities as health activists to re-invent roles for women in their communities.

Jennifer Huff was awarded the Burke Museum Archaeological Collections Research Fellowship in the last year, which she used to conduct research with the Cole Collection from the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Ge Jian received a Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant to aid her research on “The Impact of Global English in Xinjiang, China: Linguistic Capital and Identity Negotiation among the Han and Ethnic Minority Students.” In addition, she was awarded a China Program Fellowship for 2011-2012, and a China Program Fellowship for 2009, both from the Jackson School of International Studies at the UW.

Jun-Hong Kim received a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for his dissertation research “Population Structure and Large-Scale Cooperation in Pohang, South Korea.” The funding will allow him to return to Korea to undertake surveys, conduct economic game experiments, and do an ethnographic study that will be part of his dissertation.

Mary King received a Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship for 2011-12.

C. Michelle Kleisath received an American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowship, and is deeply honored to be a part of the AAUW, and grateful for all they do to support radical feminist scholarship.

Joyce LeCompte-Mastenbrook received a Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship for 2011-12.

Lisbeth Louderback received a two-quarter RA grant from the Desert Research Institute to conduct pollen analyses on sediment cores from Utah and Wyoming.

Stephanie Maher received a Javits Fellowship, an SSRC Fellowship, and an International Dissertation Research Fellowship for her work on clandestine migration among Senegalese men.

Molly Odell was awarded the Burke Museum Archaeological Collections Research Fellowship last year.

Yi Pan received a Wadsworth International Fellowship from the Wenner-Gren Foundation to conduct a landscape archaeology project in Southwest China.

Jessie Ryker-Crawford received an Andrew W. Mellon/American Indian College Fund Fellowship for her dissertation research and writing on indigenous museum practices.

Lily Shapiro received an NSF Graduate Fellowship to support her early years of graduate study, as she moves towards conducting fieldwork in the areas of medical anthropology and occupational health in India.

Mia Siscawati received a Presidential Dissertation Fellowship from the University of Washington Graduate School to complete her dissertation on the community forestry movement and scientific forestry in Indonesia.

Michele Statz received an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant for her research on the rights and culture in the legal contact zones of unaccompanied Fujianese child migration.

Bonnie Tilland received a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Grant for her work on the staging of family values and national identity in South Korea.

Nicole Torres is a Project for Interdisciplinary Pedagogy Fellow at UW Bothell.

Anna Zogas received a UW Harlan Hahn Student Scholarship for research that investigates how neurologists diagnose traumatic brain injury (TBI) in members of the US military and how diagnostic technologies shape perceptions of disabled veterans.

Anna was also accepted to the Cultural Anthropology editorial intern program, where she creates teaching resources and other supplemental content to accompany articles published in the journal. 

 Mary Gates Scholarships for Undergraduates

Mariah Bell-Stuart, an anthropology major/music minor, received a Mary Gates Research Scholarship for her research on the effects of different types of music on cortisol levels.

 Amy Budwill was awarded a Mary Gates Research Scholarship for her project entitled "The Impact of Perceived Susceptibility: Vaccination Decisions and the Human Papillomavirus"

Faustine Dufka has received a Mary Gates Research Scholarship for her honors research on neonatal and infant bereavement photography.

Misty Montejano, was awarded a Mary Gates Reserach Scholarship for her project entitled "The Effects of Foot Proportion on Energetics in Homo sapiens"

Alex Nelson was awarded a Mary Gates Research Fellowship for his project entitled "Hyperlipidemia Induced Microvascular Endothelial Cell Dysfunction: A Novel Cardiovascular Pathway"

Claire Powers was awarded a Mary Gates Leadership Scholarship for her work on "Improving Early Literacy in Children From Low Socioeconomic Communities"

Ryan Sharnbroich was awarded a Mary Gates Research Scholarship for his honors thesis on transnational Ethiopian adoptions and family making in Seattle.

 Department Awards

Erik Gjesfjeld and Jack Johnson were the recipients of the Yeager Teaching Award for Teaching Excellence in 2011.

Benjamin Chabot-Hanowell is the 2011-12 Baldwin Scholarship awardee.

Emily Peterson is the UW Anthropology 2011 Niles Fellow.

Natasha Slobodina is the 2011-12 James Fellow.