Major Track: Sociocultural Anthropology

The Sociocultural Anthropology track is an informal sequence of courses.  This is distinct from a major option which will be recognized on your academic transcript.

Students have a wide variety of courses to choose from in sociocultural anthropology. A number of related courses are available for students interested in specific topics within sociocultural anthropology, such as:

  • ANTH 228 (Identities: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in Anthropology)
  • ANTH 305 (Anthropology of the Body)
  • ANTH 322 (Comparative Study of Death)
  • ANTH 323 (Human Rights Law in Culture and Practice)
  • ANTH 475 (Perspectives in Medical Anthropology)

Students should be aware that new courses are developed from year to year and that professors differ in their approach to courses with similar titles.

Students interested in graduate school in sociocultural anthropology are encouraged to develop a broad background in the humanities and social sciences. Students should consider additional statistics, the Anthropology Honors Program, and the possibility of graduate level (500-level) classes (these require permission from the instructor).

Although not considered as part of your major unless they are cross-listed, courses in other departments are useful — for example: sociology, art history, ethnomusicology, geography, comparative religion and public health.

ANTH 460 (History of Anthropology), ethnographic area courses and courses in anthropological theory are particularly useful in preparation for graduate school. Students are urged to consult with their advisors in planning their course of study.

Since many graduate schools require competence in at least one foreign language, students are advised to take language courses relevant to the parts of the world they wish to study.