Major Option: Indigenous Archaeology (BA)

The Indigenous Archaeology option is recommended to students who are interested in an in-depth study of indigenous archaeological perspectives on the evaluation and protection of cultural heritage sites. The required courses in this option will provide students with the historical context needed for understanding contemporary issues in indigenous archaeology, and equip students with specialized analytical, laboratory and field skills

Students who complete this option will be equipped to pursue careers in cultural resource management in tribal, federal, state and local government as well as private consulting firms, and to pursue graduate studies in archaeology.

The Indigenous Archaeology option is a transcripted option that allows students’ academic work and expertise to be recognized on their official academic transcript, which may help them in their applications to graduate programs or to gain employment.

This option is non-competitive and open to all Anthropology majors. 

Field experience is strongly recommended, especially with a UW-faculty led archaeology field school. Five credits of ARCHY 270 will count towards the 'approved courses' credits. Other kinds of field experience, such as participation in non-UW research projects or Cultural Resource Management (CRM) projects, can also be credited towards the 'approved courses' list. Students should consult with the archaeology faculty before undertaking field experience to ensure that it is appropriate for the ASc. The curriculum forecast is a useful tool to help with scheduling to fulfill the option's course requirements. 

BA in Indigenous Archaeology (IA) option requirements - 55 Credits

In addition to completing the core courses for anthropology (BIO A 201, any 5 credit 200-level ANTH course, and any 5 credit 200-level ARCHY course) and one statistics course (choosing from CS&SS/SOC/STAT 221STAT 220STAT 311, Q SCI 381, or ARCHY 495), Archaeological Sciences students are asked to take the following courses to complete their 55 anthropology credits:

  1. ARCHY 205 Principles of Archaeology and AIS 102 Introduction to American Indian Studies
  2. At least three classes from ARCHY 304, 320, 325, 345, 377, 410, 468, 472/3, or 492
  3. 15 credits from the approved Indigenous Archaeology course list (below)

Approved Courses for Indigenous Archaeology (IA)

(Number of credits in parentheses)