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There are a wide range of sources of funding for the various stages of graduate level training and research. This range includes department, college, university, and external sources of funding. Each of the links below will provide you with additional information.

Funding for Applicants

Information regarding funding sources for applicants can be found below and on the following page:

Pre-dissertation Funding

Training Fellowships

Pilot Research & Fieldwork Funding Sources

Conference Travel Funding

Dissertation Funding

Funding for International Students

Additional Fellowship Search Sites

Additionally the University of Washington Libraries Grants and Funding Information Service (GFIS) has a service created to help UW students find appropriate funding for their research. GFIS offers courses to faculty and students on how to search for funding in their database.

Successfully Funded Student Research Grants & Fellowships

Current students at UW should also be aware that several successful funding applications have been placed on the department intranet pages along with grant proposal guidelines. Please find them here:

Graduate Student Service Appointments (GSSA)

A Graduate Student Service Appointment (GSSA) is a position in which a student is employed by the university to work 20 hours per week and includes tuition and health insurance. Students who hold GSSA appointments are called Academic Student Employees (ASE's). A GSSA position in anthropology is generally a teaching assistant appointment (T.A.) or research assistant appointment (R.A.). Teaching appointments are budgeted to the department through the College of Arts and Sciences, and we generally have about 50 quarterly appointments to offer students each academic year. Eligibility for summer teaching appointments is determined differently. Summer appointments have a separate budget and are run through Educational Outreach.

GSSA appointments are covered under the Graduate Student Employee Action Coalition/UAW Union which works to represent the concerns of various academic student employee positions on campus (TA, RA, Tutors, graders. etc.). For information on the union please see the following websites:

The Department of Anthropology hires academic student employees at the regular (non-variable) rate. Salary for the current academic year is available on the graduate school website. Hourly reader/grader positions are also covered under the Graduate Student Employee Action Coalition/UAW Union, and anthropology pays graduate students $16.39 an hour for the 2019-20 academic year.

Guidelines for holding a teaching assistantship within anthropology are outlined in the Graduate Student Service Appointment Policies and Procedures Document. This document is available for you to view in detail on the following website:

Other Funding Websites