Diversity at the UW Department of Anthropology and Beyond

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Special Events

  • 2011-12 the Diversity Committee sponsored a student photo exhibit, entitled “Depth of Field: Anthropology Through the Lens

  • 2013-14 The Pacific Science Center hosted an exhibit on race. The exhibition, “Race: Are We So Different?”, was developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota in collaboration with the American Anthropological Association. In support of the exhibit, the anthropology department hosted four fieldtrips to the Pacific Science Center. 

  • 2014-15 the Diversity Committee sponsored Unsettling Knowledge epistemology series, organized by People of Color in Anthropology. This lunchtime series aimed to build community and stimulate thinking across and about difference through learning about participants’ intellectual histories and experiences and sharing the questions and contexts that motivate their research.


Diversity at UW

UW Resources (Diversity Portal): http://www.washington.edu/diversity/

University of Washington Ombud: http://www.washington.edu/ombud/

Community Resources (iSchool): http://ischool.uw.edu/about/diversity/resources/community

Graudate Opportunities & Minority Acheivement Program (GO-MAP): http://grad.washington.edu/gomap/



UW Anthropology (faculty, student and staff restricted)

•    Including All Students: Teaching in a Diverse Classroom

•    Diversity and Inclusion in Teaching: Information Packet

American Anthropological Association’s Race:  Are We All So Different? 

Curriclum for White Americans to Educate Themselves on Race and Racism - from Ferguson to Charleston
- Citizenship & Social Justice Website

UW Center for Teaching and Learning -  Employing Inclusive Teaching


Current Perspectives

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Women in Science , speical issue of Nature 2013

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UC Davis News and Information. "Science, still a man's world?" November 21, 2012.


Career Advancement

Writing a Diversity Statement (from Karen Kelsky, a former tenured Anthro prof)

Diversity Resources from the UW Career Center


Professional Groups and Organizations

American Anthropological Association

ABA - Association of Black Anthropologists

AFA - Association for Feminist Anthropology

AIA - Association of Indigenous Anthropologists  

ALLA - Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists

AQA - Association for Queer Anthropology