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Faculty and students at the 5th annual chili cookoff
Thank you to everyone who came out to the 5th Annual Department of Anthropology Chili-Cook-off! There were about 30 people in attendance, a nice variety of chili, and tremendously tasty desserts. Special shout-out to the 2017 winners of the golden ladles (for best meat and best vegetarian chilis) and golden spatula (for best dessert).   In the best meat chili category, Julius Doyle walked away with the prize for his Spicy Beef Chili In the best vegetarian chili category, ... Read more
Preserving the Past Together Seminar Flyer
"Preserving the Past Together," a seminar and workshop series sponsored by the University of Washington's College of Arts & Sciences, wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ - Intellectual House Academic Planning Committee, Burke Museum of Natural History, and Quaternary Research Center. The event series will be hosting four workshops centered on Collaborative and Community-Based Approaches to Archaeology and Heritage Management in the Pacific Northwest.  These events will bring together tribal historic preservation... Read more
Peter Lape, UW professor of anthropology, is the man who makes sure Kennewick Man’s remains are kept safe at the museum. Featured on 
Brian Wahlberg gives daughter Luciena a good view of the proceedings as the crowd sings at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle.
UW Arts & Sciences faculty members weigh in on whether President-elect Trump's election means doomsday. Featured on 
Book cover of “Transforming Patriarchy, Chinese Families in the Twenty-First Century”
Transforming Patriarchy, Chinese Families in the Twenty-First Century,” a new edited volume by Goncalo Santos, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Hong Kong and Stevan Harrell, professor of anthropology and environmental and forest sciences at the University of Washington, is out now through the University of Washington Press. The book description on the University of Washington Press website, describes the book as “Drawing on a multitude of sources and... Read more
Tesuque white flint corn from the "Braiding the Sacred" corn growers' gathering in Pojoaque, NM (September 2016). Photo by Devon G. Peña
UW anthropology professor and founder and president of the Acequia Institute, Devon Peña, is part of Voices of Maíz, “a collaborative project among various organizations, communities, and individuals coming together to amplify the voices of communities internationally to restore and re-engage the sacred in corn, and to show... Read more
For Thailand's royalists — and there are millions of them — King Bhumibol Adulyadej will probably long remain embedded as a potent, father-like figure. Featured on 
Steve Goodreau
Though more than two million people in the US are HIV positive — with more cases diagnosed each year — the human immunodeficiency virus no longer grabs headlines. A pill that helps prevent HIV isn’t grabbing headlines either.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) wants to spread the word about this pill, an oral preexposure prophylaxis known as PrEP, but figuring out the best way to reach the target populations is a challenge. Through a five-year... Read more
Front of Denny Hall, the oldest building on the University of Washington campus, completed in 1895. The building underwent a recent remodel, which restored the central stairwell and skylight, and opens for autumn quarter 2016 classes in September
Denny Hall’s transformation comes to completion when students, staff, and faculty return to a newly remodeled and fully functioning building in fall 2016. This renovation, not without some hurdles, came in under budget and 189 days early, according to Randy Everett, project manager for UW Capital Projects Office. “One of the goals of this project was to bring in light since it was such a dark and dismal building,” said Everett. Once a dark and foreboding, though beautiful place, the... Read more
Wayne Suttles highlighted in his class of 1937 Bothell HS photo
Wayne P. Suttles received a doctorate in anthropology from the University of Washington in 1951 — the first doctoral degree awarded by the program — for his dissertation entitled, “Economic Life of the Coast Salish of Haro and Rosario Straits” and was inducted into the Northshore School District Wall of Honor... Read more