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Stevan Harrell, professor emeritus of anthropology, explains why Taiwan has been so effective at slowing the spread of the coronavirus. Featured on Wired 
Yasmin Habib standing in front of a red brick wall outside her office building.
“I felt children needed to feel a sense of belonging, to celebrate their cultural heritage, and to discover that they can thrive and make a difference in their own communities,” says Yasmin Habib, outside the WMCA office in South Seattle. Media credit: Corinne Thrash   Yasmin Habib has been on many journeys. From Somalia to Kenya as a small child. From a Kenyan refugee camp to the US at age five. From city to city as her family sought opportunities in America. But Habib’s most challenging... Read more
Graham Pruss, anthropology lecturer, discusses the reasons behind the increase in families living in vehicles. Featured on Reuters 
Graham Pruss, anthropology lecturer, discusses the reasons behind why Seattle families may resort to living in vehicles. Featured on CBS 
Anthropology Professor Patricia Kramer discusses why humans evolved with arched feet and how its helped us walk upright. Featured on Science News 
Photo of Hollis Miller in front of an excavated test pit
Hollis Miller, a fifth year PhD student in archaeology was presented with the Alaska Anthropological Association's James W. VanStone Graduate Scholarship to support graduate training in the anthropology of the north at the... Read more
Ben Marwick, associate professor of anthropology discusses an ancient aboriginal aquaculture system recently uncovered by the Australian wildfires. Featured on The Washington Post 
Students and professors show the diverse research, opportunities, and learning at the UW through this photoset. Featured on University of Washington 
UW professors in the departments of history, English, music, and anthropology have recently produced a multitude of diverse books and music. Featured on UW News 
Associate professor of anthropology, Dan Eisenberg, discusses research into genetic links to longevity. Featured on Quartz